Photo checks in Latin America

Fingerprint readers, barcode readers, proximity, credentials and many products. works public & privates, projects development.

Ricza Group

Fingerprint readers, barcode readers, proximity, credentials and many products.
works public & privates, projects Development.
Monterrico Sur, Surco - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Murdoch Sistemas S.A.

Plates, Cartoncillo, Mantillas, Electrostatic Masters Compaginadoras Guillotines, Printers of Fotochecks PVC, Document Micas, Enmicadoras, Destroyers, Clocks of Control of Attendance.
Jr. Cuzco 492 - Lima - Peru

Relojes de control de asistencia en los Estados Unidos -
Lectores de huella digital, codigo de barras, proximidad, fotochecks, elaboracion de proyectos, ejecucion de obras publicas y privadas, pozos a tierra....

Identidad Asesoría Empresarial SAC

Design of fotocheck, size credit card. in PVC, Session of digital photographic takings in its institution. Digital adjustment of images.
Customized data and digitalization of companies. Bar code for identification More...
Av. Bolognesi 1189 2do piso - Tacna - Peru

Fotocheck MCG System SAC

Products of quality and guarantee: Fotochecks, credentials, cards, serigrafiadas tapes, bar code, digitalization of images, silkscreen printing, accessories of fotochecks, hologram of security, reading of bar code,
provisions, banking cards, More...
Calle Los Jilgueros nro. 127 Urb. Santa Anita 1er sector - Lima - Peru

Raditech Systems S.A.C.

Fixed assets, biometrics, bar code encoding, bar code registration, access control, control of fixed assets, card printer, barcode printer, label printer, printer fotochecks, barcode reader, wireless reader, time-clock service, fotochecks More...
Los Economos 175 - La Molina - Lima - Peru

Barcodes in América Latina
We commercialize products of first quality, endorsed by marks leaders in the world-wide market, counted on equipment to print bar codes, labels and ribbons, as...

Plastic cards in América Latina
Cards of fotoidentificacion for companies and schools, plastic cards type credio, controls of access and time, control of visitors and casino, printers for cards, consumptions...

SplAsh SpOrts SRL

Impression by thermal retransferencia in plastic cards of pvc for credentials, cards points, YOU GO cards, fotochecks, etc. security holograms, code of bars, magnetic band, scratch off (raspadita), carries fotochecks, More...
San Jose 362 of 6 (tercer piso) - Chiclayo - Peru

Latin Supplies

Fotochecks, accessories, printers evolis.
We are direct manufacturers and importers.
Software and equipment for events.
Jr. Victor Mantilla 266 - Surquillo - Lima - Peru

Serdecom Peru SAC

We concern and we distributed clocks of control of personnel, control of guards, equipment of turn, computers of tail, accountants of currencies and tickets.
Ramón Zavala 325, Of. 202 - Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Website design in América Latina
Web site design and web marketing in Costa Rica. ...

Automatización industrial en los Estados Unidos -
Automatizacion industrial. Calderas, bombas, compresores, juntas, empaquetaduras, valvulas, instrumentacion, filtros, calefaccion industrial, solenoides, caudalimetros, variadores de velocidad, quemadores, intercambiadores, tubos, accesorios, caños, lubricadores automaticos, resistencias...

Solutec Peru

Fotochecks is a company dedicated to the impression in material pvc, sale of accessories. sale of printers of pvc to color, monochromatic. We have permanent stock of consumptions.
We design More...
Salamanca - Ate - Lima - Peru

WB Filmaciones

Such rapid company to the heading of the filming and photography: weddings sweet sixteen,
Baptisms, parties and all kinds of social and cultural event.

Instant Delivery solid company in the service of More...
Avenida Santa Rosa # 149 - Sullana - Peru