Physical therapy in Latin America

Equipment sales and magneto ultrasound and electrotherapy.

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Equipment sales and magneto ultrasound and electrotherapy.
manz k lote 4 coop.virgen del rosario distrito de ancon lima peru - Ancón - Lima - Peru
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Podiatric Functional Recovery Center.
Foot pathologies treatments in children, adults
Diabetic Foot Specialist, Foot Risk and Elderly
Templates and care products Foot
Sauces 9 Avda Isidro Ayora Cueva y Gabriel Gómez pasando el Sector de lavadoras de Autos 100 mts antes y diagonal a la Española de Carnes - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador
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Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Intensive rehabilitation center for patients with chronic upper limb and / or seriously injured....

Assista Occupational Health & Safety SAS

Consulting and advice on occupational health and occupational risks, supported by the safety management system and occupational health OHSMS.
Carrera 26 # 12 - 24 Los Alamos - Pereira - Risaralda - Colombia
Rpte: Herman Acevedo Castaño

LudiKids - Fisioterapia y Desarrollo Infantil

We are a specialized physiotherapy center for children and early learning.
We offer services in physical therapy, speech therapy, infant massage, prenatal massage and exercises and school tutoring.

view our facebook: ludikids- More...
En la entrada principal a Heredia, del Complejo Deportivo La Fosforera, 200 metros oeste y 50 metros norte - Heredia - Costa Rica

Masajes Clinicos de Fisioterapia y relajantes

Clinical massages and physiotherapy for spinal problems relaxing, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, stiff neck, bursitis, sciatica, sinusitis, facial, sprains, cellulite, varicose veins, recovery and fractures.
Colonia Humuya, 2da calle, 1 y 2 ave.calzada Victoria. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Masajes terapéuticos en los Estados Unidos -
Centro de salud dedicado a terapias de desintoxicacion masajes y medicina naturales....

Chiropractics in América Latina
Medical Center of back pain "cemde" definitive cure relief "ipso facto" herniated disc, no surgery, no injections, no ozone and no risk, through special handling...

Centro de Atención al Diabetico

- Clinic Specialized in Diabetes
- Hyperbaric Medicine
- Hyperbaric chamber
- Diabetic Foot
Av. Chapultepec 172, Col Chapultepec Actopan Hidalgo - Pachuca - Hidalgo - Mexico

Cuñas para Osteopatia

Wedges are the practical means for recovering as mass lesion from the patient is used, besides allowing ligamentous treating edema that the patient remains several minutes on shims allowing adjustment More...
- Santiago - Chile

CampCursos - Aprimorameno Profissional

Company more than 10 years in professional courses for students and postgraduate courses in dermatologic functional physiotherapy Degree in orthopedics and traumatology market and other courses.
Courses for physiotherapists and students More...
- Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Servicuido R Y E -
Mobilization of patients, bathroom, physical and cognitive therapy, accompany him to the doctor, food, vital signs. ...

Servicios de Terapia Respiratoria

calle68asur#48d-53 candelaria la nueva - La Candelaria - Bogotá - Colombia

Centro de Fisioterapia Fisiolab

Fisiolab physiotherapy center specializing in sports physiotherapy and traumatologica besides having updated technology (magnet laser ultrasound neuromuscular electrostimulation bandage). We have highly qualified professionals for their welfare osteomusculo tendon injuries More...
Calle Luis A Proaño E1-36 y Sucre Sector Parque Central de Conocoto - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador