Products for agriculture in Latin America

Company located in the heart of colombia. producer and marketer of organic fertilizers. humus solid californian worm. humus liquid earthworms california. compost from the.

Aborgan del Café

Company located in the heart of Colombia.
Producer and marketer of organic fertilizers.
Humus solid Californian worm.
Humus liquid earthworms California.
Compost from the rumen of cattle.
Flours rock.
Kilometro 01 vía Armenia Calarcá sector La Maria. - Quindío - Colombia

Repuestos Agro Industriales EIRL

We sell parts for agricultural tractors of the brand new holland ford, bush hog, shelves, agric and more.
Km 14 autopista Duarte Santo Domingo R.D. - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Agricultural products in América Latina
The enpresa is dedicated to the export of: - Fresh agricultural products - Dry goods like grains - Grocery products well...

Fertilizers in América Latina
Wholesale fertilizer importer and distributor, agro-chemical, agricultural equipment of fumigation, veterinary medicine and tools....

Bonsais Pamkarapampa

Maintenance, change pots, earth changes, wiring, pinching, pruning, nursery.
Calle virrey toledo 180 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Kholy Chemicals

Products company control of urban, agricultural pests and Garden
Ave. Independencia No. 463 Edif.1 Manzana XII Local 206. Residencial José Contreras Distrito Nacional Republica Dominicana - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Grupo Packing Peru

Company dedicated to the product commercialization and machinery for the packing like: plastic band, metallic iron strap, plastic esquineros and of cardboard, tapes printed with its logo, stretch film, enzunchadoras More...
Av. Canada nº 1657 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Seeds in América Latina
Company dedicated to aseaoramiento and marketing of agricultural and livestock category. We veterinary products, grass seed, minerals, seeds, sorghum, soybeans and corn, also we feeders...

Dilone Landscaping

pr 867. Esquina clle Universe Toaville Toa Baja Puerto 00949 - Ingenio - Toa Baja - Puerto Rico


we offer veterinary products, agricultural, seeds, plants, agricultural machinery, consumptions for milk, distributing the llamita cheese product elaboration.
technical consultant's office, artificial insemination, desparasitaciones, castrations
we elaborate projects for its micro-enterprise.
Pedro de Alvarado 22-42 y Primera Constituyente. - Riobamba - Chimborazo - Ecuador
Rpte: Alejandro Viteri

Servicios Generales RS

We are dedicated wing maintenance company sale purchase rent construcion machinery and electronic equipment market experience .
Av. los molinos - Rímac - Lima - Peru

Agricultural machinery in América Latina
Import and sale of spare parts for farm tractors fiat, new holland. FIATALLIS heavy machinery parts, New Holland and others. Truck Parts and Engines...

Chemical products in América Latina
Our firm Protex and its line of chemical products for concrete. We are not suppliers of asphalt, we are suppliers of additives for high performance...

Ecuatoriana de Agroproduccion Ecuagropsm S.A.

An Ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas. cocoa. corn, rice etc.
Foleares sell fertilizers and soil urea, potassium nitrate DAP, Humus, etc.
Covers More...
Sucre y Napoleon Mera - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Nitrógeno Liquido Monteria

Nitrogen dewards for insemination in Monteria

We sell liquid nitrogen for insemination. Sale of new and used heaters. Repair thermos. Inputs for insemination. Straws of all cattle breeds
Calle 15 nro 8a 97 - Montería - Córdoba - Colombia