Psychiatrists in Latin America

Treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, crack, éxtacis, gambling, etc.

Clínica Dr. Mora

Treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, crack, éxtacis, gambling, etc.. We have two clinics one in the warm central Pacific Puntarenas
El Roble de Puntarenas, Hatillo Centro en San Jose. - Puntarenas - Costa Rica
Rpte: Dr. Alberto Mora Avila

Fundación de Desarrollo Integral Somos Valor

Comprehensive development foundation for intervention in mental health, occupational health and safety as well as assistance and participatory training to children, adolescents, individuals and / or groups within the family More...
Caracas, Altamira. Altos Mirandinos, Carrizal.
- Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Psychotherapists in América Latina
Clinical Hypnosis. - Anxiety - Duels - Depression - Memory - Menopause - Andropause ...

Dra. Dominica Soriano - Psiquiatra

psychiatric consultation, family therapy, chemical addictions are made, our office is located in the center of Contreras Cáceres diagnosis and treatment SRL. Located at the address above described. We accept More...
Calle Juan Bautista Vicini #33, esquina Rogelio Alvarez Boca Chica, R. D. - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Carpe Diem - Mg. Carmen Rojas Boiza Unife

Early learning center & counseling to children, youth and adults.
Urb. Santo Domingo L-2B - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero - Arequipa - Peru

Dr. Psiquiatra Castellanos Gutierrez

It is a clinic dedicated to the research, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of emotional illness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia,
3era calle 2-80 zona 1 de Ipala, Chiquimula - Chiquimula - Guatemala

Psychologists in América Latina
Specializing in individual psychotherapy, couples and Familias.Trastornos of Adolescence. Children and Youth Violence Abuse Anxiety Depression Neuropsychology Personality Disorders. UCAB-HUC.Fellow University of Bridgeport.USA...

Centro Integral de Anorexia y Bulimia "CIABU"

We CIABU - Integral Center SAC Anorexia and Bulimia an institution dedicated to comprehensive therapeutic treatments and family psychological counseling. Boarded eating behavior disorders, especially the most common: anorexia and More...
Los Girasoles 274
Urbanizacion California
Trujillo Peru - Victor Larco Herrera - Trujillo - Peru

Dr. Fernando Castro Psiquiatra

Care and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders in children, adults and elderly: depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, addictions, etc.
Sector Amparo, Calle 83 con Av. 63, Centro Clínico La Sagrada Familia Amparo, Torre de consultorios: 2do Piso. - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Ansalud Unidad de Rehabilitación Mental RD

Ansalud mental rehabilitation unit is a hospitalization center for mental disorders and alterations (short and medium and long stay), we attend emergencies and we transfer patients. Our services are specialized More...
Arroyo Hondo, calle F Número 3, cercano al Club Arroyo Hondo - Los Alcarrizos - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Dedicated to the care of all respiratory diseases: asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with cerebral palsy, treatments for sinusitis, respiratory diagnostic testing, implementing...

Doctors in América Latina
Medical Group specializes in the study and treatment of scalp problems, solutions, medical, surgical, aesthetic and cosmetic as transplants, lipoinyection and biostimulation (PRP) hydrations, infiltration...

De Nuevo a La Vida

"Addiction Treatment Center De nuevo a la Vida "

Diagnosis and Treatment Center professional in all kinds of addictions
"Back to Life"

A desicion-time can change your life and your family... call us!
La Molina - Lima - Peru

Policlinica Psicologica Sima 24 Horas

Polyclinic at your fingertips. Premier campus at any time especially in times when the situation is difficult for you and your family.
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Our headquarters in Montevideo and Canelones
Atendemos en Canelones y Montevideo - Ciudad de la Costa - Canelones - Uruguay