Psychotherapists in Latin America

Psychiatric consultation, family therapy, chemical addictions are made, our office is located in the center of contreras cáceres diagnosis and treatment srl.

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Dra. Dominica Soriano - Psiquiatra

psychiatric consultation, family therapy, chemical addictions are made, our office is located in the center of Contreras Cáceres diagnosis and treatment SRL. Located at the address above described. We accept safe rebirth.
Consultations are Mondays and Fridays from 3 to 6 pm and Wednesday and Thursday from 9 -12 pm.
Calle Juan Bautista Vicini #33, esquina Rogelio Alvarez Boca Chica, R. D. - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

A Plenitud Clinica Psicológica

psychological therapy for adults and children and adolescents.
Couples therapy, family, detached
LGTB people specialized care
Periferico Z12 y 7a. av. Z. 9. Ciudad de Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala

Psychologists in América Latina
Attend all cases of psychopathological diseases incurred and porhaber, we are a team working for their welfare in the city of Tacna....

Psicólogo Daniela Cordero

Psychological care for children, adolescents and adults, psychotherapy for phobias, anxiety, depression, anxiety, stress, management of disruptive behaviors, education and adolescent sexual orientation, psychological assessment, mental health certificate ...
San felipe, Calle 3, entre 2da y 3ra Av, consultorios del Rotary Internacional. - San Felipe - Yaracuy - Venezuela

Psicología Clínica

Psychological care for adolescents and adults / as

Psychoanalytic Orientation
Rio de Janeiro Nº 597 y Rosa Peña - Edif. Coomecipar

Psique Centro Terapéutico

We are a center with clinical psychologists with 20 years of experience, duly accredited by the Senecyt, health ministry and council of the judiciary. we specialize in crisis intervention, assessment of personality traits, psychotherapeutic care for children, adolescents and adults and are experts in judicial expertise.
Reina Victoria N24-151 y Foch. Edificio Torre del Quinde. Oficina 201. Sector Plaza Foch - Mariscal Sucre - Quito - Ecuador

Psychotherapy in América Latina
Request your appointment. R. Nieto Psychologist Psychologist by profession of the Catholic University of Colombia, supported at the district health department in Bogota. Delivery service....

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls. we counted...

Consultorio Psicológico S.A.N.A

Consultorio Psicológico S.A.N.A We offer innovative psychotherapists techniques to help overcome the barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. In addition, we provide the following services:

- Workshop early stimulation - Permission to childcare centers
- Carrying weapons - Hyperactivity in children
- Difficulties - Depression among others
Frente al semáforo de la policía de tránsito, Pérez Zeledón, Invu El Clave contiguo a la barbería. - San José - Costa Rica

Insight Psicología IPS

Insight Psicología IPS We are a center that provides specialized services in psychology, aimed at improving the quality of life of those who consult us.
We have a team of professional therapists in psychology, with extensive experience in neurofeedback, clinical psychology and neuropsychology.

For us it is essential to conduct comprehensive processes, in which patients, therapists, family and academia to work together to achieve significant More...
Cra 13 A No. 78-38 Piso 2 - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia

Psicóloga Daniela Cordero

Individual and specialized for children, adolescents and adults psychological care. Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, sadness, posttraumatic stress, shyness, disruptive behavior, school phobia, psychosomatic diseases.
Mental health certificates
calle 3, entre 2da y 3ra Av. consultorios Rotary.
pto de referencia: Bajando por la Cruz Roja - San Felipe - Yaracuy - Venezuela

Psychiatrists in América Latina
Treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, crack, éxtacis, gambling, etc.. We have two clinics one in the warm central...

Occupational therapy in América Latina
Occupational therapy is a discipline of medicine, aimed at providing tools and strategies to deal with children, seeks to strengthen and improve their skills in...

Proyecto Gilead Bolivia ( PGB)

mental health problems with people who have different disorders and addictive behaviors. (Alcoholism and drug addiction)
Calle Antofagasta No. 333 zona cruce Taquiña - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

EPT Psicologos

EPT Psicologos EPT Psychologists provides a space for clinical work where various mental health issues are addressed, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of motivation, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, relationship problems, marital conflict, sexual identity, trauma, addictions and dependencies, among others.
individual psychotherapy adults.
individual psychotherapy adolescents.
individual psychotherapy children.
Couples psychotherapy.
Avenida Las Condes 9792
Oficina 709
Las Condes, Santiago - Santiago - Chile