Renovations in Latin America

Import, distribution, sale and installation of fire doors peru, panic bars, high security locks, brakes floor, armored door, etc.

Gerardo Zerpa Trabajo y Remodelaciones

Responsible and guarantee the quality of hand.
construction work are generally made of reinforced local cuisines remodeling apartments emptied plates caico bathrooms ceramic floors templates impermilización General blacksmith jacketed and paintings however it is the work we do.
- San Francisco - Zulia - Venezuela

Building contractors in América Latina
Company dedicated to construction, as enclosures houses decorations in gypsum light water installations covered houses restorations also have shuttle service. ...

Construction companies in América Latina
Andex & Andean E.I.R.L. is a company formed by professionals with extensive background and experience in the execution of electromechanical and civil projects, we have...

Conzun Construcciones Zuniga

It is dedicated to all industrial maintenance and residential construction in general, remodeling in general. free advice.
Col. Los robles bloque A casa 5802 - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

EAI Construcciones

We solve your space needs housing or business, our services will see increased the value of your property. Quality construction, functional, aesthetic and safe.
Architectural design, structural design, planning, supervision, construction, expansion, remodeling, interior design.
8a calle 13-43 zona 3 - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

Locativas Arboleda

At home I uncover without breaking, plumbing, electricity, remodelings, extensions, we build on planes, everything that has to do with construction.
Calle 39 16-97 Villajulia (salida a Neira) - Manizales - Caldas - Colombia

Architects in América Latina
Lucky's Home presents an innovative product in the market, (Cornices, jambs, Rails) imported and guaranteed durable plastic Manufacture completely resistant to moisture and pests, easy...

Cocinas Esplendor

San Félix estado Bolívar - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela

Trigueros Remodelacion de Interiores

Remodeling American styles indoor plumbing in bathrooms ceramic floors guaranteed texture painting plaster work table
Trjillo Colon Honduras - Trujillo - Colón - Honduras

Constructora Torwill C.A.

Constructora Torwill C.A., is a company aimed at meeting the needs of the public and private sectors in the area of ??civil construction and mechanical; soil studies, projects, inspections of works, procurement of materials and equipment, renovations, plumbing, electricity, waterproofing and painting. We offer our services following the highest standards of quality and safety, as we have the necessary equipment More...
caracas - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Masonry in América Latina
Comprehensive health maintenance, buildings and annexes. new works, refurbishment, recycling, blueprint reading, and so on. ...

Diseño de interiores en los Estados Unidos -
Empresa de servicios y asesoría en arquitectura e ingeniería civil, proyectos integrales, arquitectura comercial, carpintería en general, diseño de interiores, decoraciones, remo delaciones, acabados, etc...

Proyectos Viales y de Edificaciones, S.A.

I offer services budgets, remodeling, general construction, maintenance works, civil works inspections and calculation and design of structures.
San Miguelito, Mateo Iturrralde, Paraiso - Panamá - Panama

Capitel Restauradores SRL

a.- Conservation, reinforcement and restoration of architectural heritage
b.- archaeological research and restoration in archaeological monument
c.- Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property artistic and archaeological furniture
d.- construction, manufacturing, decoration and renovation More...
Mza. F Lote. 5 dpto. 301
Urb. Progreso (Parque Quillabamba) - Wanchaq - Cusco - Peru