Repair shops in Latin America

Sale and repair of all makes turbo.


Sale and repair of all makes turbo.
Av Tony Garay C/Monseñor Rodriguez
Km 6 1/2 B°San Isidro - Ciudad del Este - Alto Paraná - Paraguay

Taller Mecanico Alvaro Coto

- weld special. - mechanical generally. - opportune and painting.
Barrio San Juan frente al bar casa rosa en limon carretera principal. - Limón - Costa Rica

Carstreet S.A. -
Importer exlusivo brakes, suspension, engine, filters etc, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki,...

Fricciones & Repuestos -
We sell brake pads, springs, brake discs and drums, FRITEC, Frenosa, Hercules, 3M. Industrial safety, tapes and reflective foils, protective suits, signals....

Torneria Mercury 28.C.A.

Repair gimbals for cars and trucks, special welding, industrial parts repair
Redoma de la India, calle San jose al lado de la bomba de gas - La Vega - Caracas - Venezuela

Tecno Turbo Virgilio Martinez

This firm or company is dedicated to Montejo, maintenance of industrial equipment following:

Boilers, turbines, piping, structures, insulation, paint, supplies and technical personnel to support the industry.
Prolongacion 27 de febrero 69 puerto plata rep. dominicana. - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic

Mecanica Express

Mechanical quick ... Give me a call.

Mechanic in Patillas
Los Pollo Patillas - Los Pollos - Patillas - Puerto Rico

Automobile industry in América Latina
Sales head injection pumps and nozzles. Repair of diesel engines. Spares and services in general ...

Cajas Automaticas "Milton"

Maintenance and repair of automatic boxes of all makes of vehicles.
Free diagnosis.
Home work is done
Service calls a year guaranteed
Av. Tomas Valle 552 tda A cruce con la panamericana norte, frente ala fabrica de ladrillos rex - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru

Taller y almacén Jhon

Auto mechanics shop specializing in gasoline and diesel. Welding and soldering. Manufacture of metal structures.
Calle 14 # 11-40 Avenida principal, Barrio Las delicias - Villanueva - La Guajira - Colombia

Automecanica Mercedes Benz

We are a team of professionals offering excellence in repair and maintenance of vehicles of the line Mercedes Benz.
Juan Sinforiano Bogarin Nro 1125 Villa Virginia - Lambaré - Central - Paraguay

Vehicle accessories in América Latina
It made travel anywhere in Santa Cruz car mini van for 7 people comfortably located. Original new unit. Family trips, institutional, corporate, etc. ...

Ventas y Servicios Gnrls Pal-ley

Sales head injection pumps and nozzles. Repair of diesel engines. Spares and services in general
AHN Jorge Chavez mzB1 lt10 talara alta - Talara - Peru

Autotronix taller de servicio

Autotronix automotive mechanical Factory on watch.
General mechanic
Refining of motor
Cleaning of injectors by ultrasound
Diagnosis of faults with scanner and oscilloscope Gas discharge
Preparation for RTV
San Joaquin de Flores, Heredia. Costa Rica.
75 mts Este del Servicentro San Joaquin - Heredia - Costa Rica