Scaffolding in Latin America

Specializing in the sale and rental of tubular scaffolding company.

Hadron Andaimes

Specializing in the sale and rental of tubular scaffolding company.
Rua Padre Ibrahim, 105. Vila Almeida. São Paulo - Brasil - São Paulo - Brazil

Calatrava Import

Sale of metal props, formwork, scaffolding and hanging normal, containers, machinery of all kinds.
4o Anillo y Santos Dumont
Santa Cruz - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Constructora MN EIRL -
It is a company dedicated to works of sanitation, electricity, fire systems, grounding wells. ...

Centro Bulonero Tres Arroyos S.r.l

Abrasives. Tubular scaffolds. Bolts. Chains. Footwear for the industry and of security. Air compressors. Aluminum stairs. Hardware generally. Industrial hardware. Electricity-generating groups. Industrial gloves. Ironworks articles. Electrical tools. Electrical tools More...
San Martin 632 - Tres Arroyos B7500IKH - Prov. de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tecnologia y Equipos Maquinaria Liviana

Medellin, trusses, studs, sections of scaffolding, telescopic struts and metal stud construction, buy quality, service, warranty, equipment for construction in our experience makes us one of the best companies in More...
cr52#36-49 - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

Tabiqueria Vidrieria Techos SRL

A company renting of scaffolds and general services.
Av. Central 1467 int 5 Villa el Salvador - Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Architects in América Latina
Renovations and construction these are the services we provide. We are at capacity finanaciar all kinds of remodels as: drywall, stucco, painting, masonry veneer, plastering,...

Bolts and nuts in América Latina
Laminated screws and special nuts...

Alquiler y Venta El Oriente

Sale and rental metal scaffolding and construction timber.
Km. 125.7 carretera Interamericana, El Progreso, Jutiapa. - Jutiapa - Guatemala

Alquiler de Andamios Guinche

rent of metallic scaffolds - winch for construction:
metal scaffolding rent all-purpose platforms have metal wheels, metal leveling unevenness troubleshooting, the modules are 2 meters high and 1, 65 meters tall More...
Estamos ubicados en la zona el Cementerio General Av. Kollasuyo, Plaza Mariscal Santa Cruz Nº 1890 Casa Guinda La Paz-Bolivia - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Andamios Elevadores de Fachada SRL

- Rental and sale of scaffolding facade motorized rack.

- Overall dimensions: 30 mts. facade and 175 mts. high.
Cansttatt 3387 - La Blanqueada - Montevideo - Uruguay

Ascensores en los Estados Unidos -
Ascensores. Ascensores y montacargas reparaciones y mantenimiento. Ascensores instalacion y mantenimiento. Ascensores monta-autos y montacargas. Ascensores servicio de mantenimiento. Montacargas y ascensores reparaciones y mantenimiento....

Kitchen furniture in América Latina
We have the best works of joinery, furniture and finished generally for the home y/u residential works, in wood and melamine, doors, seaman stewards, closets,...

Urriza Giudice

Andamios tubulares. Andamios y estructuras tubulares alquiler de. Herrerias artisticas. Herrerias de obra. Portones automaticos. Torneria a revolver. Torneria a revolver de precision. Torneria a revolver y mecanica. Torneria automatica. More...
Triunvirato 3176 - Capital Federal 1427 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Cleanservice Mantenimiento en General

Rent scaffolding for painters, paint acros iron. we have own transportation and installation
jr soledad 441 lince lima alt 26 av pethit thouars - Lince - Lima - Peru