Shoe factories in Latin America

Industrial machinery solutions in for companies of footwear, leather goods, purses, bags and others. Sell 100% custom machinery (solutions for you) benefitting from 1959 to all.

Albeco Peru

Albeco Peru INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY SOLUTIONS in for COMPANIES of FOOTWEAR, LEATHER GOODS, PURSES, BAGS and Others. SELL 100% Custom Machinery (SOLUTIONS FOR YOU) Benefitting from 1959 to all our customers with the BEST MACHINE WORLD at Lowest Price.

We are Exclusive Representative in Peru and South of the Prestigious International Marks STUTTGART, HARFORT, GAMBARUTI and ALBECO.

We also have a Full Stock of spare More...
Jr. Carhuaz 425, Breña. Lima - Perú.
(Referencia: a la vuelta del supermercado Metro y del partido Aprista Peruano de la Av. Alfonso Ugarte en Lima ) - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Don Alfredo Benitez

Calzados Paredes S.A.C.

Footwear for lady. 100% pure natural leather and is accustomed to. Variead of models according to the occasion.
Av. Sanchez Carrion - El Porvenir - Trujillo - Peru

Shoe stores in América Latina
Shops, manufacturers, suppliers, importers of shoes and footwear in the future trujillo peru....

Uniforms in América Latina
Micro enterprise engaged in the manufacture specializing in: Clothing for men School uniform and security company. etc. ...

Fundacion San Pancracio -Fuspancra

We are a non-profit private, provider of health services, counseling and educational techniques to develop, distribute and market the products in the system of safety management and occupational health OSHMS.
calle 17 n0 7-26 - Riohacha - La Guajira - Colombia

Tecnologia en maquinados hidraulicos

Cnc machined parallel and vertical lathes, cutting pantograph plate, sheet cutting and bending, rolling, welding microwire.
Tulipanes nro. 4754-a, col. Jardines de San Antonio
C.P. 36600 - Irapuato - Guanajuato - Mexico


It is an Argentina company dedicated to the construction of molds and leader in injection of thermoplastic; pioneers in the country in the aluminium alloy use for the construction of More...
Moreno 2255 - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Cueros en los Estados Unidos -
Trabajos en talabartería...

Importaciones & Suministros

Company engaged in the manufacture of personal safety items, leather and fabric.
Jr. Alava 245, Urb. Javier Prado - San Luis - Lima - Peru

Mcloth Industrial

Industrial Mcloth, a company dedicated to the sale of workwear, personal protective equipment, work environments perform measurements. Sampling of water and soil
Centro Comercial TOCASA Av. Hurtado de Mendoza 11-80 y paseo de los Cañaris.
(Gasolinera Rectigas Mobil Totoracocha) - Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador

Industrias Manaos E.I.R.L.

We make footwear for ladies horsemen and children, in the accidental and sport lines from stature 17 to the 42. Made in the best materials, and rubber soles.
av.peru 212 - Trujillo - Peru

Plastic injection in América Latina
Inyeccion de plasticos. Medicina material descartable....

Manufacturas Skin Shoes

Design and manufacture of 100% leather sandals for women, in different styles with polyurethane lined platform in different materials, which makes it soft, comfortable, lightweight, anatomical slip-resistant soles, latest fashion More...
Carrera 27 A # 60-104 - Palmira - Valle del Cauca - Colombia
Rpte: Luz Morales

IQ Business and Logistics

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of all types of footwear and sale of inputs for this industry.
Hermanos Aldame 312-D, San Miguel, Zp. 37390, León Guanajuato - Guanajuato - Mexico