Smile design in Latin America

Treatments: * general dentistry * children * teens * grown ups * orthopedics * orthodontics * endodontics (root canals) * extractions (tooth extractions) * full prosthesis .

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Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz

* General dentistry
* Children
* Teens
* Grown ups
* Orthopedics
* Orthodontics
* Endodontics (root canals)
* Extractions (tooth extractions)
* Full Prosthesis
* Removable partial denture
* Chromos
* Fixed Bridges
* Implants
* Aesthetics
* Blanqueamientos
* Prophylactic fluortopicacion
* Neuromiorelajantes Plates
* Plates for athletes
Av Brasil 3123/304 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay


Odontodigital We offers treatments on the vanguard of international odontology utilizing advanced techniques and equipment recognized by the best dentistry societies in the world such as those in Brazil, France and USA.
All our techniques are 100% aesthetic. Some international insurance reimbursement.
Calle Shell 319, Oficina 606, Miraflores, Lima, Peru. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Dr. Carlos Cueva

Dentists in América Latina
We offer beauty treatments and dental rehabilitation and quality assurance in writing. Whitening Endoncia Implants Periodontics Dentistry Odontogeriatria Agreement with Delta Dental Insurance Dental Agreement...

Especialidades Odontológicas "San Jorge" Otavalo

Especialidades Odontológicas "San Jorge" Otavalo dental services for the whole family in all specialties.
Imbabura - Otavalo
Barrio Monserrath - Calle Luis A. de la Torre N 6-08 y Panchina 1 - Imbabura - Ecuador

Laboratorio Dental Particular en Punta del Este

Laboratory services:
- Full dentures
- Partial Dentures
- Interim Prostheses
- Work orthopedics
- Plates neuro-muscle relaxants
- Plates Estampadas
- Jobs Vita Vm Lc
- Repairs in general
Not perform work with metal, if you need a termination either resin or in case of a termination chrome 'placement of teeth etc.' They will be performed.
Health & Medicine - Uruguay - Maldonado - Punta del Este
Maldonado 20100 - Maldonado - Uruguay

Calero Odontología - ¡Tus dientes son lo primero

Calero Odontología - ¡Tus dientes son lo primero Dr. dental office. Marlene Calero Cortés.

More than 20 years of experience and thousands of stories to tell :)

Prevention children, youth and adults.
Oral rehabilitation
Teeth whitening
Porcelain veneers
C/ Ballivián #736 - Centro de Especialidades Médicas Niño Jesus II, Consultorio 212 - Ñuflo de Chávez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Dental clinics in América Latina
We have to its disposition customized services of integral dental medicine, technical treatments and of last generation Visitenos and consults by the promotion of the...

Clínica Dental Tania Morera

Dr. Tania Morera Specialist in Orthodontics and functional orthopedics.
"The best group of specialists create perfect smiles every day"
25 oeste de la plaza Pinos sobre carretera principal. Grecia. - Alajuela - Costa Rica

IntegraDent Clinica Odontologica Integral

Our dental clinic has professional experience of over 25 years and a team of dental specialists in different branches of dentistry such as orthodontics, periodontics, oral rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, More...
Calle Casitagua S8-210, entre Corazon y Cerro Hermoso, (Villaflora) frente al Santa Maria. - Villa Flora - Quito - Ecuador


We are a clinic that strives for excellence in their treatments, we have trained professionals in more than 10 years of service.
Av. Roosevelt 6120 (Ex Rep. Panamá) Miraflores. Previa coordinación. - Lima - Peru

Dental implants in América Latina
Oral surgery dental implants, endodontics, prosthetic dentistry, people with disabilities. ...

Clinica Dental Norero

- Dental Aesthetics
- Endodontics
- Orthodontics
- Oral Rehabilitation
- Pediatric dentistry
- Geriatric Dentistry
- Oral Surgery
- Prevention
Jr. Nemesio Raez Nº 970 - El Tambo - Huancayo - Peru

Dental Stetic

Sucre 09-88 entre Miguel Riofrio y Rocafuerte - Loja - Ecuador