Tanks in Latin America

Our company specialized reciduos in the collection of solid and liquid hazardous and non-hazardous and the maid of traps and grease, bacilli, and so on.

Escom SAC

Our company Specialized reciduos in the collection of solid and liquid hazardous and non-hazardous and the Maid of traps and grease, bacilli, and so on.
Av. Centenario 312 San Carlos Huancayo - Huancayo - Peru

Inmepo EIRL

Bodyworks manufacture trailers and semitrailers such as platforms, vans, y4 camabajas 3 axes, tanks, dump trucks, encapsulated,
railings, etc. with excellent quality.
Av. San Juan 1809 Urb. santa martha - Ate - Lima - Peru

Materiales para construcción en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Venta de materiales de construccion como: cementos, fierros, clavos, ladrillos, etc. Venta de tubos pvc Venta de perfiles metalicos Venta de mayolicas y ceramicas...

Inversiones Moreno Perez 2008, C.A

We are a company that sells matrial distribution and transportation of construction nationwide.
Calle La Veguita N° 11A Los Cortijos De Sarria-Caracas - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Benito Moreno

Termotransport SAC.

Company dedicated to the commercialization and industrial transport of asphalts and oils at national level with but of 10 years of experencia in the heading.
Av. Arboleda 301 ate - Ate - Lima - Peru

José María Araya Vásquez

We transport fuels (gasoline, diesel engine and others) in all the national territory and outside our borders, in addition we counted on flat cart to transport any type of load.
100 metros norte del parque en Pslmares, Alajuela - Palmares - Alajuela - Costa Rica

Construction companies in América Latina
Civil, deprived and institutional works. Specialists in construction of educative insfraestructura, commercial health and. Technical personnel trained in plate installation coworker, steel deck, superboard...

Servicioa Motta S.R.L.

Urb. Guardia Civil O - 7 Paucarpata - Arequipa - Peru


We manufacture tanks, tankers, auto tanks, pressure tanks in stainless steel, carbon steel
Pasaje - El Oro - El Oro - Ecuador

Energy Electric

Facilities and maintenance professional technician, electrical system, transformers, connections with direct and indirect measurement, earth ground system, water pumps, surveillance, perimeter security, cleaning septic and water cistenas, fumigation and pest More...
4a Avenida 9-60 Zona 1. - Mazatenango - Suchitepéquez - Guatemala

Metallic constructions in América Latina
We are a team that perform welding, piping, metal buildings, warehouses, steel structures, stainless steel work, we have additional rental machines. Drills, hammers, welding machines,...

Transportes y Carrocerias C.M.G EIR.L

We are a company with 20 years metalmetalica market dedicated to the manufacture of water tanks and fuel.
- Lima - Peru

Fabricación de Precisión S.A.

Precision Manufacturing is a company with Canadian capital, has years of experience in Central America, are part of PV industries, well-established and recognized company in the field of corrosion resistant More...
Carretera Panamericana, km 94 1/2 León- Chinandega. Contiguo a Agro-alfa. - León - Nicaragua