Textile industry in Latin America

Manufacture of industrial clothes, such as work uniforms for mining and construction industry, overalls, reflective vests, jackets with special tinsulate for low tenperatura with reflective 3m,.

Textiles y Confecciones Los Chancas Eirl

Textiles y Confecciones Los Chancas Eirl Manufacture of industrial clothes, such as work uniforms for mining and construction industry, overalls, reflective vests, jackets with special tinsulate for low tenperatura with reflective 3M, special garments uniforms antiflama drill (fire retardant -nomex) kevlar anti clothing - accidents.
Mz C Lote 14 Urb.Santa Maria de Campoy. San Juan de Lurigancho Lima-Perú. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: jacqueline chota zuñiga


SAIN PERU SAC Supplier, Sale of PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, Garment and footwear and Industrial Safety, 3M authorized distributor, MSA, Clute, Delta PLus, Galaxy, Haws, ERB, Bompel, steelpro, protective equipment Head, Hearing, Respiratory Visual, Hand, Foot Body, for work at height.
URB. SAN HILARION - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Elizabeth Vasquez

Clothing and fashion in América Latina
Buy all kinds of fabrics in bulk to call or send samples exact address and what kind of fabrics used usa lycra. ...

Fabrics in América Latina
Sale national and imported fabrics, gauzes, Barrington cashmeres and all elegant fabric class so that seen....

Hilosa C.A.

Company dedicated to the manufacture and wholesale of halyard, wire, tape, rope, wick, reinforcements, rovings braided, twisted, pigtails, yellow cloth.
Urb. Industril El Limoncito, calle 4, Galpon B, Filas de Mariche - Páez - Miranda - Venezuela

Casas y Estilos S.A.C.

We are dedicated to the preparation and sale of bedding wholesale and retail orders to attend provinces, hotels and tenders.
antonio bazo #417- 433 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Edith Huaman Solis

Telas Importadas Vac

I concern and commercialized
Inputs and textiles, high quality and price for large garment manufacturers and chain stores.
Carrera 74b 75 171 Medellin - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

Disermil - Qlyque.com
We are an apparel and uniforms, personal protective equipment (PPE) and footwear in general, for industrial, commercial, agricultural exports etc. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina - GuiaTrabajo.com
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Red Copper Company SAC

Manufacturers International belts with brass buckles or plated buckles, white or black patent leather suspenders borseguies green, black and beige, porta rifle patent leather and canvas, buckles rectangular bronze shield More...
Jr. Santander 274- Pueblo Libre - Lima - Lima - Peru

Taller textil Veluci

We are dedicated to the elaboration of sheets, pillows, purses, wallets, portacosmetiocs, purses, fabric bags (made in organza, tulle, reasons.
Valencia Edo. Carabobo - Carlos Arvelo - Carabobo - Venezuela

Terranova Industrial S.A.C.

Regional company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of "big bag" or "polypropylene containers."
- Zarumilla - Tumbes - Peru

Textile in América Latina
Maquianas full fashion GG 21, circular pique panot GG28,stoll GG5....

Bordados en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Empresas encargada de brindar servicio de bordado computarizado, excelentes referencia bancarias, y fino acabado para exportacion....

Ductos Téxtiles Industriales Lima

Manufacture and installation of all types of products in iron or stainless steel, work with major textile companies of Lima and Lima, tipytop, Peruvian cotton, St. Hyacinth tissues, cotton company, More...
Urb El Pinar - Comas - Lima - Peru

Casa Blanca Producciones

Company dedicated to sportswear such as shirts, sport jakets and pants, shorts, sweatshirts, T-shirts for football in dry fit with termotech, and others. We attend small and big requests.
Colombia #860 entre 16 de Julio y Oquendo Cbba. Bolivia - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia
Rpte: Fernando Quiroga