Textile printing workshops in Latin America

We are dedicated to merchandising in general. Screen printing and textile industries.


We are dedicated to merchandising in general. Screen printing and textile industries.
Chincha - Chincha - Peru

Estampados Anddes

Service company dedicated to prints, different fabrics (point and flat)

We offer various types of prints as platificados, focforecentes, high-profile, metal. etc.
- Comas - Lima - Peru

Screen printing in América Latina
We are dedicated to selling sportswear and sale of printed shirts. Manufacturers of sports clothing sports athletics, basketball, boxing, cycling, soccer and volleyball. We also...

Clothing and fashion in América Latina
Women's clothing shop ...

Pentomat S.A.I.C.

Balance beams works. Printing on metal. Matricerias.
Uruguay 2913 - Victoria - San Fernando 1644 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Pantomec S.R.L.

Acrylic engravings. Aluminum I make an impression on. Graphic arts machines of hot stamping. Openworks. Footwear first. Footwear molds. Posters. Photochemical plates. Coders machines. Coders machines and equipment. Leathers recorded. More...
Corrales 1935 - Capital Federal C1437GLQ - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Metalurgica Pollastrini y Cia. S.R.L.

Automotive autopartes. Automotive autopartes printed. Balancinado factories. Balance beams works. Hinges. Devices. Printing on metal. Ironworks for works. Matricerias. Matricerias of precision. Metallurgy establishments and factories.
Bucarest 4736 - Cordoba - Capital 5010 - Córdoba - Argentina

Dayru Serigraficas - Qlyque.com
We are a company that makes quality products and tailored to your needs. Design your logo on shirts, mugs, key chains, shoes, decals and...

Industrias New Image

Manufacture of uniforms of masculine and feminine office, uniform industrialists, sport uniforms, shirts type pole, gabachas, logos embroidered, estamapados to full color.
Urb. Los Alpes No. 2 Pje C No. 42 - San Marcos - San Salvador - El Salvador

Matriceria Frias de Frias Daniel Hugo

Balance beams works. Electroerosion works. Printing on metal. Matricerias. Matricerias for plastic. Plastic by injection.
Calle 26 (maria Asunta) Narrio 3545 - San Martin - General San Martín 1650 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Jarlitex S.A.C.

Development molds for articles to dress in fabric point, also is made the cut of articles and the finished preparation and, is developed to arts for printing in plastisol and More...
Mz D Lt 6 Horacio Zevallos 2 Flor de Amancaes - Rímac - Lima - Peru

Polos Publicitarios Gamarra - Qlyque.com
Polos Advertising Gamarra We manufacture poles, caps, chullos vests, overalls, jackets, aprons service company...

Chano Estampados

We offer prints first, offering timely export quality guaranteed the best trained in stamping techniques give a good product. hope to have you
Jr La Merced 543 Cesar Vallejo 291-2503 428*1825 997447434 SR:ANGEL - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Met. Men S.h. de Nardi Mario y Malavolta

Boiler-room. Printing on metal. Milling factories. Matriceria sharp. Metallurgy establishments and factories. Torneria revolver and mechanic.
Gral. Actis 2312 - Haedo - Morón 1706 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina