Tinsmithery in Latin America

We carry metal and sheet metal in general, faith, galvanized, stainless steel pipes, elbows, reducers, river channels, service isolation, manufacture of wind driven roof ventilators, air.

Metalicos Flores

We carry metal and sheet metal in general, faith, galvanized, stainless steel pipes, elbows, reducers, river channels, service isolation, manufacture of Wind Driven Roof Ventilators, air conditioners work.
Ica - Chincha Alta - Av. Luis Massaro #784 - Chincha - Peru

RJR Services Express, F.P

RJR Services Express offers service in general for air, consoles, flezzer, freezers, coolers, filters, cookers and washing machines double tubs. We also offer auto body work and painting with perfect finishes. Great prices. Request your budget. We deliver invoice. We are located in the center of Maturin, at the height of the Cofell Tower.
Calle, Azcue Carrera N°9, Casa N° 248-B, Sector Centro.
Local 1 taller: "Refrigeración Rangel" - Maturín - Monagas - Venezuela

Industria metalúrgica en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Servicio de cromado, galvanizado en frío y caliente, tropicalizado, cobreado, baño dorado...

Air conditioning in América Latina
We are engaged in manufacturing and installation of ducts for air conditioning, thermal insulation of piping hot / cold (aluminum - stainless steel) and hojalateria...

Ductos Industriales Cueva EIRL

Manufacture and assembly of industrial ductos for the industry generally, bells industrial extractors and domestic servants, exhaust fans and conditioned air, thermal isolation, stainless steel works of different qualities and More...
Av Tomas Valle (cruce con Av Universitaria) Mza L1 Lte 3 - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ing. Emanuel Cadenas

Ernesto Potenza S.R.L.

Tin plate packages, lithographed and smooth for paintings, conserves, candies, pulp, agro-chemical, etc.
Matanza 3253 - Capital Federal - Nueva Pompeya 1437 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Jimmy gonzales chinchay

Manufacture of industrial ductos, sitemas of ventilation and extraction.
Galvanized plate, stainless steel and alucin of different thicknesses.
Av. Perú #2447 - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru

Sistemas de ventilación en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Ventilación, aire acondicionado, refrigeraciòn y control de humedad Proyectos, Instalaciones, Servicios y Asesoría Tècnica. * Sistemas de ventilación industrial y comercial * Colectores y separadores...

Repair shops in América Latina
We are a company with more than 40 years in the automotive category in which we are always imnovando, we specialize in Mercedes Benz cars...

Servicios Metalicos America

Ductos generally, heat insulation of kettles and bird-raising matenimiento of equipment.
Av. América Nº 198 - Chincha - Peru

M y M Hojalateria y Ventilacion Industrial

Construction of air.
Industrial thermal insulations.

Extractors farms.
Projects for ventilation.
Bells: steel, galvanized or painted as needed.
Zinguerías in general.
Roof renovation.
Metal stoves - fireplaces - weathervanes - hats
Technical advice.

Extraction of odors, placement of extraction, More...
Sauce 5118 - Sayago - Montevideo - Uruguay
Rpte: Marcelo Navarro

Sucan S.A.

Envases de hojalata. Envases de hojalata para conservas. Envases de metal. Hojalata. Hojalateria. Hojalateria mecanica. Litografias. Litografias sobre hojalata.
CurapaligÜe 1747/73 - Tapiales - La Matanza 1770 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Construction companies in América Latina
Construction and real estate company, offers departments and condominiums of opening, with finished of first a economic prices....

Ductos Industriales Lima

Manufacturing and installation projects of all kinds of metal products for industry, textile air conditioning rooms, pipelines for spinning, highly skilled technicians, we are verified compliance with all safety requirements More...
Mz N1 lote 8 urb el Pinar -Comas - Lima - Peru

Eben Ezer Ductos Industriales E.I.R.L

Manufacture of ductos for kettle, steel bells, aluminum, galvanized and in all type of materials. Ductos for textiles and you make industrialists generally. Ductos for conditioned air.
Manufacture of bells extractors More...
Av. Universitaria 667(entre av. peru y av. morales duares) - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Beatriz Zamalloa Caman