Tubes and pipes in Latin America

Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a.

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich

AA BB DISTRIBUIDORES de Aarón Sánchez Dupuich Sale of tecnopor, acoustic fibrablock, tecnoblock, tecnomix, eternit, calamines, drywall, ceilings, fibraforte, bricks, indented iron, cement, aggregates, wood, bitumen products, bituper, gutters, superboard, great wave, fereter?a generally, asphalts, asphalt mixture.
Acoustic construction of Drywall partitions, ceilings, flat sky
Calle Carlos Rodrigo 1032 - Piso 2 - Urb. Roma - Cercado de Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Aaron Sánchez Dupuic

Hardware stores in América Latina
It is a company with over 31 years experience in the market of hardware and electrical materials. Sale of hardware in general electrical and industrial...

Valves in América Latina
Valves, fittings, flanges, tools and acessories industriais, equipments for fluid control and auto industry. ...


Company dedicated to industrial maintenance experience. Construction of metal structures. Construction of tanks. Pipes etc.
Brigadier José de San Martín 608 Yocsina Malagueño. - Santa María - Córdoba - Argentina

Klabra Services Industriales SRL

Installation of boilers, turbines, process piping, thermal insulation, industrial painting ....
Calle los cerezos # 54 Santo Domingo RD. - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Full Metales SAC -
Sale of metallic products, steel plates....

Metal structures in América Latina
Company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery and equipment in stainless steel with finished sanitary, assembly and installation of pipes generally, manufacture of tanks iron,...


My name is Johnny Anchundia Calva we are manufacturers of accessories for potable water manufacture joints Dresser from 250-1800 merge junctions Dresser gray iron 73-250 we are manufacturers of PVC fittings, manhole covers, drains manufacture rubber gaskets for flanges and strips of 1/2 and 3/4.
We have more than 18 years in the market we have distributed materials in different parts More...
Duran- Coop Vida Nueva - Durán - Guayas - Ecuador
Rpte: Johnny Anchundia Calva

S y R Internacional SRL

S y R Internacional SRL armicas sheets or corrugated steel culverts. Armco Representatives for Bolivia, gutters in stock from 0, 60 mts to 3 mts 00 different thicknesses. We comply with Bolivian Standard and we have IBNORCA certification. Road Restraint Systems (Flex Beam) or guardrails, Spanish industry, Industrias Duero exclusive representatives for the country. reflectivas strikeouts (Cat's Eye), reflective sheeting, studs, representatives from 3M. Road More...
Av. Beijing 1323 Cochabamba Bolivia - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Mundial Grifos C.A

Selling the best brands of Italian taps, ball valves, heaters, accessories etc bath.
Av 4 de mayo Polamar - Maneiro - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela

Fittings and taps in América Latina
Gasfiteria, paint, drywall (Interior Division) carpentry, masonry and general manteniminto. ...

Servicio y Mantenimientos wz

Technician services plumbing services electricidad.ay construction finishes nationally in major construction projects and maintenance services in the home and business in general, working budget for labor and materials without materials.
Jr. Vara de oro 415 zarate san juan de lurigancho - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: wilder zavaleta fernandez

Sudeli, C.A.

Provisions of industrial products, tubes, valve, connections of all type and material, iron generally, hardware. Urb.La Sorpresa cruce c/calle 21, Edf. Cristal P.B. Locales 1 y 2. - Puerto Cabello - Carabobo - Venezuela