Map of Psychotherapists in Latin America

   Comunidad Terapéutica "Ayuda en Acción"

Professional Center of treatment and integral rehabilitation for ... More information ...
Calle Del Cazón Mz. K3 - Lotes 1, 2, 3 Santa Rosa Alta - Punta Negra - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Enma Clara Vidal Ames

   Consejería Clínica y Orientación para la Mujer

Private clinic focused on integral and emotional development ... More information ...
Sacatepéquez - Guatemala
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   Dr. George Kamarinos, Ph.D. - Psicólogo Clínico

Dr. George Kamarinos, Ph.D. - Psicólogo Clínico We accept major insurance plans.

Individual, couples and family ... More information ...
San Juan - Puerto Rico
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   Psicóloga Viviana Velasco

In private practice all kinds of requirements are ... More information ...
Valle del Cauca - Colombia
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   Spa psicologico Umacollo Jackeline Caceres

Individual, couple and family, especially teenagers, vocational counseling, ... More information ...

   Psicologo Elizabeth Rausseo

Evaluation and clinical psychological diagnosis, therapeutic counseling, children ... More information ...
Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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   Instituto de Consejeria Integral

We specialized in married problems and/or even. ... More information ...
Bayamón - Puerto Rico
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   Hipnosis y Psicologìa

Hypnosis and mental health therapy. And self-hypnosis group. ... More information ...
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