Abrasives in Latin America

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Anéis Automotivos

Caso não Anéis I found some measures, orders made recently sob names may be assigned, in measures as agreed to desenho ou amostra ou two Anéis, we are manufacturer tout More...
- Mayor Pablo Lagerenza - Alto Paraguay - Paraguay


Conical, straight glasses, iron sandpapers, water and in rolls
Jr. Ramón Cárcamo 564 - Lima - Peru

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
All our plates with the surrender certificate guarantees quality and post sale . ...

Discos diamantados en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Fabrica de herramientas diamantadas y de nitruro de boro cubico para todas las industrias...

Perforaciones El Norteño SAC

Service verticalez drilling of boreholes and horizontal.
balta 665 - Lambayeque - Peru

Kinger Diamond Tools Factory Limited

Since established in 1998, we, kinger diamond tools factory limited have devoted ourselves to manufacturing and exporting diamond wheels, polishing wheels?grinding products, milling tools, glass drill bit and machinery accessories More...
- Mayor Pablo Lagerenza - Alto Paraguay - Paraguay

Geo Sueldas Ecuador

Nano- technology Ecuadorian metalworking industry .
Av. Francisco de Orellana 2355 - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Plastic injection in América Latina
Ningbo Kingway machinery co. , Ltd is Specialized in producing plastic injection molding machine . We have experienced technicians who Have Been dedicating to R...

Esteve y Cia. S.R.L.

Abrasives. Abrasive you graze. Abrasives scotch - BRITE. Circular brushes. Brushes of toot. Hot tails for carpenters. Galvanoplasty articles and products. Aluminum oxide. Cloth to polish metals. You graze to More...
Bahia Blanca 2235/9 - Capital Federal 1417 - Buenos Aires - Argentina


Geolit ??do Brasil Diamond Tools

Manufacture of Diamond tools for repairing sports tires.
We are 18 years manufacturing high quality tools for sports tires.

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- Ciudad del Este - Alto Paraná - Paraguay

Fixa SA

Made shine like diamonds glasses and discs, abrasive of wearing down and cut
Omega 261 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Mining equipment and supplies in América Latina
We are a company dedicated to the import and export heading light and heavy steel rails for mining and industrial use, we counted on the...

Sandblasting in América Latina
We are a dedicated wing blasting companies, whether in mining, maritime acid plant, we have qualified personnel in all its areas. ...

C&C Herimers

We are a young company our priority is to satisfy all our customers' needs, being a strategic partner solutions.
Av. 6 de Diciembre e Isaac Barrera - Kennedy - Quito - Ecuador

Altera Aceros e Inversiones

We are special plate steel importers; anticorrosive type cuts, anti-abrasive up to 700 Brinell, naval, antithermal resistant to loss and high temperatures, structural of average and high resistance, and more. More...
Los Olivos - Lima - Peru