Academies in Latin America

Tutoring math occur. all levels, secondary college. spanish teacher with extensive experience and reports. seriousness. .

Escuela de Manejo

Escuela de Manejo  
Aprenda a manejar hoy autos a domicilio - Caballito - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Academia de Matematicas

Tutoring math occur.
All levels, secondary college.
Spanish teacher with extensive experience and reports.
Granada - Granada - Nicaragua

Private tuition in América Latina
Especilaizaciones graduates and, with the National University of Trujillo and the National University Enrrique Guzmán y Valle "La Cantuta" programs for teachers, health area, management,...

Driving schools in América Latina
Custom courses driving vehicles equipped with double command: double double pedal and steering wheel complete. More than 30 years of experience! D.P.P.S.V. enrolled at the...

Cerrajería Urgencia Panamá

Cerrajería Urgencia Panama - locksmith service number 1 in Panama soon locksmith courses in Panama, 4 level Corsican.
Basic locksmith - key copy, lock installation, home door opener
Automotive locksmith - cylinder More...
La Cresta Bella Vista, Panamá - Panamá - Panama

Centro de Apoyo Pedagógico

Tasks addressed in Quito: Chillogallo directed duties : Student Support Centres : directed duties to children in schools : school grading : Teaching Children Support Center : centers directed tasks More...
Chillogallo - Quito - Ecuador

I.E Ramón Castilla Marquezado

It provides an opportunity for young people and adults who have not completed their primary and / or secondary studying on Saturdays have official value.
Mariscal Castilla Nº 385 - Chiclayo - Peru

Pre-university academies in América Latina
We are a youth academy to prepare for admission to the University, both national and individual; also give advice to primary and secondary school children....

Beauty parlor in América Latina
Peluqueria treatment service resale anti fall of hair depilation hair products rol-on peeling facial aesthetic body massages descontracturantes modeling and anti-cellulite electrodes permanent makeup. ...

Centro de Formación Artesanal "Cochancay"

We train the girls in the fields of beauty and cuts and preparation. craft giving the title three years of study.
aven. 25 de agosto y calle biblian - La Troncal - Cañar - Ecuador

Asesorias Académicas

Academic advising worldwide in: theses, projects, monographs, essays, papers, works of degree.
Cra 33 # 47- 44 centro comercial altamonte local 147-Bucaramanga. Servicios a nivel nacional e internacional - Santander - Colombia

Realce C.A.

Academy of aesthetics and styling
Centro Comercial Delicias Norte segunda etapa planta alta local 182 - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Language schools in América Latina
Academy One to One personal Peru teaches English and French at home and at your site, we are also specialists in international tests, we have...

Instituto TCA

- Villa Elisa - Central - Paraguay

Colegio La Pontificia de Chiclayo

Integra a network of schools of the pontifical educative partnership & Newton sac.
Av. Panamá Nº 1300 - Chiclayo - Peru