Acupuncture in Latin America

Acupuncture - recognised by the world health organization because of its curative value, acupuncture acts as a strategic partner in alliance with western medicine it is.

Acupuntura San Cristobal

Acupuncture - Recognised by the World Health Organization because of its curative value, Acupuncture acts as a strategic partner in alliance with Western medicine
It is a holistic medicine that considers the person as a whole. Its premise is that there are no diseases but sick.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the disease occurs when the flow of energy stagnates at some More...
San Cristobal, Estado Táchira - San Cristóbal - Táchira - Venezuela

Fredy Pebe Heredia

Pasaje maria cabrejos 117. - Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru

Venezuela Natural, Tienda Naturista -
Naturista store, sale of all type of natural, nutritional, complex products, vitamins, slimming, regimes of training, purifying, soaps, etc....

Homeopatía en los Estados Unidos -
Si usted quiere optar por una alternativa a la medicina tradicional visite Imsamed, un centro médico que tiene alrededor de 30 años de existencia y...

Reha-Vita S.R.L.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic quality of life programs for elderly and neurological, comprehensive treatment of fibromyalgia, pre and postoperative prosthesis, physiotherapy in general.
emilio frugoni 1184 - Parque Rodó - Montevideo - Uruguay

Hidroterapia de Colon

Natural treatments performed by qualified medical specialists in European Biological Medicine.
Avda. Juan Carlos I, nº 29, portal 5 - 2ºB - Estepona - Málaga - Spain


Treatment of general diseases, allergy, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, diabetes, prostate, liver, gallbladder, varicose veins, cramps, sumbido, deafness, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, kidney, colitis, gastritis, constipation, inflammation, hemorrhoids, impotence, menopause view, migraine headaches, arms, shoulders, waist, ribs, insonmio, rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, spine, neck, dizziness, high-precise tolerance low, incontinence, swelling, obesity, poor circulation, facial paralysis, pain back rodillass, legs, among others.
- Huajuapan de León - Oaxaca - Mexico

Physical therapy in América Latina
Comidad physiotherapy in your home. We specialize in the following areas: rehabilitation, traumatology, relaxation and body aesthetics. ...

Centro Quiropractico y Bioenergetico -
Chiropractic care for pathologies of the spine derived DC consisting of U.S. foreign chiropractic colleges and graduate of the AECC of england formed also in...

Acupuntura Shenmai - Heidy

Services: Acupuncture, moxibustion, healing ways, cosmetic acupuncture, auriculotherapy.
Serves: Stress, neck pain, back pain, back pain, anxiety
depression, other
Calle Milagro # 412 Pacanguilla
Provincia de Chepen - Pacanga - Chepén - Peru

Caralbanc Rehabilitacion Fisica

Company staff consists of a professional trained in Lima and 15 years of experience in the country and abroad.
Moisés Valiente 115, Urb. Magisterial, Chiclayo - Chiclayo - Peru

Acupuntura - Medicina Interna

> Internal Medicine

> Acupuncture

> Moxibustion

> Pain Therapy


> Organic Detox

Sterile disposable

Individual and personal attention
Conjunto Almagro - Av. Almagro y Luis Cordero - Torre D - MZ 1A - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Dr. Harvey Rivadeneira Galiano M.D.

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Therapeutic Community Addictions Free yourself against ace We are a therapeutic community authorized by the Ministry of Health through Administrative Order No. 134-2014...

Centro de Apiterapia

Apitherapy, healing with bee stings and bee products.
Av. Arenales 2570 - Lince - Lima - Peru

Acupuntura China y Moxibustion

Acupuntura and Moxibusti?n for children and adults in acute or chronic diseases. - Auriculoterapia. - Electroacupuntura. - Laserpuntura. - Digitopuntura. - Chinese Massage. - Oligoterapia. - Homeopathy.
murgeon y av. america 1er. piso cons.104 - Puerto Asís - Putumayo - Colombia