Agricultural products in Latin America

Fresh pink egg sales to wholesale and retail, in bulk crates of 360 eggs each, commercial weights 19 kilos boys, 20, 22 kg, the market price,.

Granja Avicola la Yema S.A.C.

Fresh pink egg sales to wholesale and retail, in bulk crates of 360 eggs each, commercial weights 19 kilos boys, 20, 22 kg, the market price, farm price in deposit, More...
urbanizacion santo dominguito Trujillo Peru - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Ross Mery Acosta Jara

Soluciones de Negocios Internacionales Snegocios

A company formed by young and enterprising people with much experience in the production and marketing of onion and garlic.
Carretera Matarani Mollendo K.m.
1 Mz A Lt. 9 Zona industria - Arequipa - Peru

Plastiagro -
Import and distribution of you enmesh of average shade, plastics greenhouses, and other consumptions for the agicultura...

Agribusiness in América Latina
An Ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas. cocoa. corn, rice etc. Foleares sell fertilizers and soil...

Comecial e Industrial Peru S.A.C.

We dedicated to the manufacture of foliar installments in liquid and solid form use insecticides domestic servant in 1lt, 500cc, 250cc cushions, in dusts for fleas and cockroaches.
Av. Victor Raul Haya de la Torre - 2790 - La Victoria - Chiclayo - Peru
Rpte: Ing. Mariano Esquen CHevez

La Casa de la Miel

Prol. Grau #350 - Ferreñafe - Lambayeque - Lambayeque - Peru

XL Exportaciones

Purchase organic produce directly from the farmer or producer.
- Rumiñahui - Pichincha - Ecuador

Food industry in América Latina
Cubed ice maker....

Central de Filtros de Querétaro

In G & J know that it takes more than good products. It requires a professional technical support for detail in everything we do. An open and honest commitment to More...
Zaragoza · 301
Col Estrella - Querétaro - Mexico

Claudia Lopez Maniguari

Calle El Cedro Nº 72 Barrio 11 de Octubre Km. 2 Cobija - Pando - Bolivia - Nicolas Suarez - Pando - Bolivia

Maison Group

Farinha buy and sell wheat, need of vendors for Brazil, type 0, 00, 000 and 0000, I look back.
- Jundiaí - São Paulo - Brazil

Fertilizers in América Latina
Sulphates of Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Acids, etc....

Tienda luleley -
Bodega offers all kinds of groceries, gifts, drinks, perfumes and more....

Importadora / exportadora Gandiacorp USA

Importers / exporters
Want to market your product in the Caribbean .. Central / South America? Need to import to Spain and the European Community any product (s) of any rank? More...
HC-01 box 6335
Aibonito, PR 00705 - Centro - Madrid - Spain

Cabdes E.i.r.l.

Calle Surinam 152 Santa Patricia Primera Etapa - La Molina - Lima - Peru