Astrology, card reading and esotericism in Latin America

Portal news, articles, entertainment, videos, sports, etc. Also with online advertising. In short news with different items of all kinds..


Portal Portal news, articles, entertainment, videos, sports, etc. Also with online advertising. In short news with different items of all kinds.
El Palmar 105 - Dpto. 302 - El Golf. - Victor Larco Herrera - Trujillo - Peru

Global Redina

Orgone pyramids manufacture polyester resin
Calle 45A -16#16 - Soacha - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Masaje y Quiropraxia -
Therapeutic care and courses ...

Psychotherapy in América Latina
Transpersonal therapy Flower therapy -individual-couple-gruposd -workshops discussion...

Amarres de Pareja Maestro Lander

Occult Master Lander
Attention. Unlucky in love working business partner mistreats it humiliates him away from your side and wants nothing from you. therefore do not suffer. I have secrets scents talismans prayers to change your suffering for joy attend in Manabi and perform work distances. Whatsapp cell and care for interned. Note Make no mistake I'm no soothsayer.
- Portoviejo - Manabí - Ecuador

Mónika el ángel de la luz

Reading of old Egyptian tarot, of 78 letters, where it analyzes by means of the date of birth and the interpretation (life, fortune, brothers, parents, family - inheritance, health, marriage - even, shade - damage - witchcraft, study - business - work - amistades, enemistades - fataldidades.), becomes tracking by means of the photo, or writing, interpretation of dreams, can More...
Av. Las Lomas 323, urb. Las Lomas - La Molina - Lima - Peru

Sintonia & Equilíbrio

Service area in the comprehensive therapy courses, workshops, marathons, experiences, meditation...

- Synchronicity (gypsy cards, runes, tarot, numerology, sea snails, relax, experience...)

- Holopuntura (Ear, podalterapia, iridology, chiropractic...)

- Phytotherapy

- Body

- Color therapy, crystal healing, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, art therapy

- Aesthetic Therapy (cleaning, revitalization, rejuvenation, facial massage...)

- Reiki

- The alignment of chakras / power

- Social Assistance
- Guapimirim - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Internet portals in América Latina
E-commerce home delivery panama to panama all, a great variety of products at great prices. ...

Psicoterapeutas en los Estados Unidos -
Terapia de pareja, terapia sexual, terapia individual, terapia de famila. Trabaja con adolescentes, jóvenes y adultos...

Rodrigo Cevallos

The birth chart is a map of your life. is made based on your birth place, date and time.
- Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador


Alternative therapies to heal body, mind and soul.
- Buceo - Montevideo - Uruguay

Motivacion y Liderazgo

- Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Marcos M. López Rivera (Psicólogo) -
- Integrated assessments (psychometric and emotional). - Individual, family and couples. - We have offices and Vega Alta County...


Numerology is a company, which gives a reliable prediction of lottery numbers
- Bello - Antioquia - Colombia

Centro de Espiritismo y Santeria San Simon

Sentimental solves that problem effectively and concrete foma consulting the brujoindigena of Samayac Brigido Guatemala's godson san simon, hechizero of indigenous origin holder of the secrets and virtues of the Mayan witchcraft,
healer curses and witchcraft misplaced.
Perform mooring and endulzamientos on the altar and spiritual table San Simon
Ciudad de Quetzaltenango 10ma calle zona 3 - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala