Bolts and nuts in Latin America

Turning t & i industrial offers manufacturing on drawing or sample spur, helical, bevel gears, special gears of different sizes, offer work turned in general.

T&I Tornería Industrial

Turning T & I Industrial offers manufacturing on ... More information ...

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Metallurgical, mechanization...

Anclajes y Tonillos S.A.

We distribute and manufacture anchors, screws, threaded rods, ... More information ...
Guatemala - Guatemala
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El Hierro

Sale of torneria in general.
Teflon Bronze Round hexagonal ... More information ...
Cochabamba - Bolivia
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Metal mechanics in América Latina
Design, manufacture and assembly of storage caves...

Matrimecanica S.R.L.

Alesado factories. Mechanized of precision. Mechanized medium. Mechanized ... More information ...
Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Hardware stores in América Latina
Wholesale and retail accessories roller paints, brushes , spatulas , flat trays and pvc profiles for ceramic finishes in bathrooms, kitchens , countertops , crawling...

Inversiones & Representciones Benites -
Manufacturing exhibiting conservative, refrigerators, freezers stainless steel. marketing of refrigerated equipment, weighing, food processors and gastronomic. ...

Lema Carlos

Scenes. Illumination for discotheques and spectacles. Torneria of ... More information ...
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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