Brooms and brushes in Latin America

Manufactures brooms and brushes for the home and com industry over 50 years in the market we ffibra wooden broom to 2, 083 unit and plastic brooms of 90 holes in 1, 10 u.

Productos de Limpieza - Articulos de Limpieza

Manufacturers and distributors of: Products of cleaning, industrial, ... More information ...

Inducero Ltda.

Inducero Cia Ltda. We offer cleaning articles for ... More information ...

ELA Escobillas Industriales

Brushes For Polished Washing and of Fruits, Tanneries, ... More information ...

Maderas e Industria Ana Luisa

We produce the best wood bats in tropical ... More information ...
Valle del Cauca - Colombia
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Galiza Factory of brushes, you sweep plastic and swabs. ... More information ...
Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Luvadi Enterprises E.I.R.L

Company dedicated to the manufacture and repair of ... More information ...
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