Carpets in Latin America

Dekor wasi, we are a leader in selling products for interior decoration, leading products to cover your windows, granting sophistication, innovation, privacy and effective uv protection.

Dekor Wasi

Dekor Wasi Dekor Wasi, we are a leader in selling products for interior decoration, leading products to cover your windows, granting sophistication, innovation, privacy and effective UV protection.
Dekor Wasi # 1 manufacturing company, making and selling curtains, shutters, blinds, roller blinds, carpet, folding doors, Japanese panel
- San Borja - Lima - Peru
Rpte: dekor wasi

Jr. Melo Decoraciones

Upholstery and decorations
C/ Ramón Guzman #12 las Palmas de Herrera - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Curtains in América Latina
We are manufacturers of curtains & blinds in Guadalajara roller, Roman, Japanese etc panel. ...

Alfombras Santa Cecilia S.A.C.

We make carpets in dralon combed, wool shag, of wall wall and vertical centers, curtains, blinds, we commercialized imported carpets, tapizon etc. (sevicio of washing of carpets, curtains, blinds etc.) we made wool carpets of ewe with designs to delcliente request.
Calle 07 Mz "D" No. 115 Urb. Carabayllo km.8.5 av. Tupac Amaru - Comas - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Francisco Villarrreal Gamboa

Decoraciones y Servicios Quezada

Preparation and installation of carpets, curtains, tapizones, colomural paper, lining of furniture and blinds.
San Martín 893
Estete 282 - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Angel Quezada Tantaquispe

Alfombras Peruanas

artificial grass, stock available
Av Aviacion 2771 - San Borja - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Carlos Suarez

Decoration and decorators in América Latina
Overall sales perfileria ...

The Clean Shine Fast

We offer quality and excellence in care and maintenance of carpets and furniture.
Circuito de los enebros Fracc:El Refugio - Tijuana - Baja California - Mexico
Rpte: manuel g

Lavado de alfombras y muebles en Bogotá

Lavado de alfombras y muebles en Bogotá Company washing carpets and rugs in Bogota, home delivery with vacuum cleaners and industrial machines brilladoras
Calle 187 # 57-48 - Suba - Bogotá - Colombia

Centro de Cortinas y Alfombras Panamá

Manufacture of tailored curtains, blinds, PVC and fabric vertical, horizontal wood and aluminum, roller and blackout SunControl, Roman, decorative moldings, carpets, wood floors, interior design.
via interamericana, penonome, coclé, entrando por el iphe al lado de restaurante pampas, local #3 - Penonomé - Coclé - Panama

Persianas en los Estados Unidos -
Importadores distribuidores de cortinas Ecuador Quito Guayaquil Dclass somos importadores y distribuidores de cortinas a nivel de ecuador Cortinas romanas, cortinas zebras, tables, panel...

Tapiceria Castilla

Manufacture or reupholstered furniture with excellent materials and fine finishes.
DIAG 8 # 72 a 30 barrio castilla - Puente Aranda - Bogotá - Colombia

Clean Carpet

Carpet and curtains at home and retirement.
- Belgrano - Buenos Aires - Argentina