Cemeteries in Latin America

Solano funeral services "the best tribute to your loved one". burial, cremations, transfers 24 hours. funeral solano, market leader in funeral services,.

Funeraria Solano

Funeraria Solano Solano Funeral Services "The best tribute to your loved one".

Burial, cremations, transfers 24 hours.

Funeral Solano, market leader in funeral services, with more than 16 years of experience

we have a large and experienced team of professionals in counseling and funeral insurance burial charges.

At the time requesting the intervention of the agency, unloading on us, confidence, assurance and accountability.

Where we deeply know More...
Urb Santa Patricia 1ra Etapa Mz. D Lt.2 Los Olivos - Lima - Peru

"El Naranjal" Servicios Funerarios

"El Naranjal" Servicios Funerarios Attention of integral funeral services, giving them to the respect and then more difficult advising. We take care of: transfers of cemeteries public to private, services of cremations, transfers to provinces, etc. Attention of all type of insurances: Essalud, AFP, Soat and particularres.
Jr. Las moras 281 Urb. El Naranjal (Espalda del Poder Judicial de Lima Norte) - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Juan Condori Gonzales

Funeral directors and undertakers in América Latina
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Veterinaries in América Latina
Anim-all Bogota Usaquen Verbenal Veterinary clinic offers 24 hours... servicos: surgery, hospitalization, laboratory, RX, pet shop, pet cosmetic, emergency. In veterinary clinic anim-all...

Asoc. Coop. Previsiòn Familiar, r.l

Advice to householders, businesses and public and private institutions to forecast near the family, acquire property in the cemetery of this and other related products and serviscios.
Urb. 23 de Enero Sector Monte Piedad Bolque 7 Letra E apto E-48 - 23 de enero - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Josè Luis Suarez Osorio

Grupo La Resurreccion

We are a service company to provide advice and sales forecast of family funeral in the area; Cremation and memorial park.
Colonia San Francisco, Avenida Las Amapolas No. 10 San Salvador - San Salvador - El Salvador

Parque del Recuerdo

A place of encounter and oration.
Av. Santa Cruz 330 2do piso - San Isidro - Lima - Peru

Foundries in América Latina
Our company this dedicated to the manufacture of different types from models for the smelting generally from the sample or plane, we counted on machinery...

Sepelios Casa Betel

Constant attention 24 hours. day, 365 days a year.

Cremation shipments inside and outside the country, ambulance service.
Av. Juan B. Justo nº 2776 CABA (1414) - La Reina - Santiago - Chile

ASP servicios funerarios

Burial - Cremation Service with and without wake - moving dead people all over the country and neighboring countries - civil registration procedures in Córdoba Capital-
Córdoba Capital - Córdoba - Argentina

Fabrica de Yeso Ceramico ALFA Pasco

We are dedicated to the manufacture of gypsum ceamico, gypsum and plaster building area farm.
- Huariaca - Cerro de Pasco - Peru

Carpenter’s shops in América Latina
It is a company dedicated to woodworking, milamina and formica. and other product to sell....

Multiservicios de Prevencion Familiar Atilaire

Sale of packages in funeral services and everything related to the field.
Urbanizacion Vista Alegre, calle 1, edificio Miranda, piso 1, apartamento # 12
Punto de referencia, A media cuadra de la agencia bancaria BANESCO de Vista Alegre. - El Paraíso - Caracas - Venezuela

Corales Del Sur, Srl

Goodbyes of our loved ones are sad, unfortunate and very painful especially when they are forever immortalized the name of the loved that game, with a tombstone designed to your More...
Calle Salvador Espinal Miranda, 3B, Renacimiento - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic