Colleges and schools in Latin America

We are an accelerated non-traditional and non-university technical school. The main objective is to help the student to finish his / her 4th year successfully and.

Central Community College

Central Community College We are an accelerated non-traditional and non-university technical school. The main objective is to help the student to finish his / her 4th year successfully and in a short time so that he can start immediately in our division of technical studies and beauty division. In addition to university studies at recognized universities in Puerto Rico or the United States More...
calle Jose Celso Barboza #54 - Pueblo - Las Piedras - Puerto Rico

Colegio Particular Bilingüe Cambridge School

Colegio Particular Bilingüe Cambridge School Cambridge College Private School, Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders
Calle Santa Lucía E8-74 y Av. 6 de Diciembre. - Kennedy - Quito - Ecuador

Educación primaria en los Estados Unidos -
Escuela cristiana para innovar y rescatar valores...

Kindergartens in América Latina
Care center licensed by the Department of the Family. We provide care from 2 months to 15 years old. Our facilities are air conditioned. Staff...

Colegio la Coromoto

private school, pre-school, primary and general secondary education.
Urbanización La Trinidad, Municipio Baruta del estado Miranda. Avenida Cristóbal Colón. - Caracas - Venezuela

Institucion Educativa Privada" Los Rosales"

Company with 38 years on watch educative in well-being for the esperanzina.representante community: vergara the Diaz carmen pink
Manuel cedeño 1018-1026 - La Esperanza - Trujillo - Peru

Instituto Dionisio de Herrera

Dionisio Herrera The Institute was founded on October 9, 1993 for the purpose of training professionals for the future of Honduras. It has its marching band, which has earned the More...
Barrio Abajo, frente el Parque Herrera, costado izquierdo de la iglesia Los Dolores. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Institutes in América Latina
short course three months once a week to learn fascias and floating roofs get two certificates and licenses. Separate your seat already. ...

Private tuition in América Latina
I am Lcda. in sciences of the education and I take care of children with special problems of learning or. Personal and guaranteed attention occurs....

Colegios Particulares en Quito Colegio Rockefeller

private schools in Quito: Quito Educational unit Rockefeller private schools in Quito: Seats available for schools Schools in Quito pensioners in Quito
Avigiras y San Miguel de Anagaes Sector Solca - El Inca - Quito - Ecuador

Colegio Fe y Esperanza

Faith and hope The school offers an education with an emphasis on ethics and values, and in turn provides the development of each of the academic areas of learning of More...
cra 13a#32c15 sector 6-7 interior 186 - Soacha - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Colegio Particular a Distancia "Eloy Alfaro"

av. la esperanza y eloy alfaro - El Carmen - Manabí - Ecuador

Psychologists in América Latina
Mental health care and clinical psychology. Depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, learning problems....

C.E.P Raymond Clark

Solid Christian formation. Initial, primary and secondary.
Av. Brasil 1864 - Lima - Peru

Inversiones Armebo s.r.l.

We manufacture marble and granite memorial plaques, computerized recordings in low relief. attend universities, colleges, schools, businesses and the general public. Good prices are manufacturers.
Jr. San Francisco 641
Rpte: Lazaro Henry Gonzales Leon