Confectioneries and sweets in Latin America

Chocolate products fine. Baby to shower, baptism, infantile, marriages, graduations, day of the mother, day of father, christmas, advertising or for any other occasion.

Chocolates Lar

Chocolates Lar Chocolate products fine. Baby to shower, baptism, infantile, marriages, graduations, Day of the Mother, Day of Father, Christmas, advertising or for any other occasion.
Pque. R. Owen 185 - Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru
Calle Jaime De Hermosilla Nro. 284, Los Jardines – Trujillo - La Libertad
Rpte: Nancy Jara

Dulces Publicitarios Leven Company

Dulces Publicitarios Leven Company  
Cll 66a #95-11 - Engativá - Bogotá - Colombia

Chocolates in América Latina
Sell ??Christmas panettone, sweets witch, capers, olives, cheeses. ...

Eventos y buffet Tradicion

We all kind of social event, individuals or professionals. We specialize in buffets for weddings, family dinners, business meetings and more. We have extensive experience in weddings and events.
Orbegoso 825 of. c-114. - Trujillo - Peru

Grido Helados

Grido is a brand of ice cream Argentina founded in the city of Cordoba, implementing a new proposal on the market that focuses on providing quality and warmth ice cream delicious, healthy and safe, in a friendly and family atmosphere.

Today is the company's biggest ice cream production in Latin America and fourth worldwide. We have a total of 1385 gelaterias More...
- Las Mercedes - Asunción - Paraguay

Exportar dulce de membrillo y piñon

I am creating a project supplier of quince and pinion , a native of Saltillo , Coahuila, Mexico ; which would like to export to the U.S. and am looking for some company who can sell my product to market it.
- Saltillo - Coahuila - Mexico

Bakeries and pastry shops in América Latina
We are dedicated to selling all kinds of breads attend events and give out orders for bread to wine cellars. ...

Distribuidora Marjor

durazno 1036 - San José - Uruguay

Comercializadora y Distribuidora de Dulces Gelvez

It commercializes typical candies of Malaga Santander
Calle 100 Nº 22 A 39 Apartamento 201 Provenza - Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia

Distribuciones La Familia

- Sinuapa - Ocotepeque - Honduras

Goodies for children's parties in América Latina
Magical store Peru, magic of close up- great illusions scene magic (original American and Korean products)....

Groceries in América Latina
ABARROTERIA sale wholesale and retail ...


Company dedicated in details in fine chocolate factory and candies for any ocasion. Chocolate truffles, chocolates, trowels, chocotejas. We prepare corporative details for its different events and seg?n its budget.
- La Molina - Lima - Peru


Company dedicated to the distribution of dairy products in general as blancmange, milk powder, whey etc.
Av. Manco Capac 1478 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru