Construction finishes in Latin America

- sale of finished materials and of national calamine construction-sale and concern-sale of eternit, fibraforte and panels of division-sale of triplay nordex parantes tables of construction.

J.J. Obras y Servicios SA

Av Belisario Suarez 897 Urb. san Juan. San juan de Miraflores - San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Comercial Ferretera Ferma

- Sale of finished materials and of national calamine construction-Sale and concern-Sale of eternit, fibraforte and panels of division-Sale of triplay nordex parantes tables of construction
Av. Miguel Iglesias 840 - SJM - Lima - San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Construction companies in América Latina
We specialize in all kinds of bamboo structure inside and outside of Managua....

Vidrierías en los Estados Unidos -
Cristales. Espejos. Espejos biselados. Espejos decorativos. Espejos especiales. Espejos parabolicos. Policarbonato. Siliconas articulos. Vidrios planos. Vidrios templados. Vidrios y cristales. Vidrios y cristales industriales. Vidrios...

Ferretería La Caribbean

Building materials and other aggregates!
Bonao, c/16 agosto Esq. 12 Julio Provincia Monseñor Nouel. - Monseñor Nouel - Dominican Republic


A mark formed by professionals with outstanding references from our customers, we are designers and manufacturers of prefabricated houses.
km 15 1/2 carretera central - Ate - Lima - Peru

Microcementos de Centroamerica / MicCA

We are the 1st company in Central America to market microcemento, leveling, MICROBETON, piedrex, revokolor, aquacret coating products for almost any surface.
Bo. Los Andes 3ra Calle 15 Ave N.O. San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Building contractors in América Latina
Gastronomy in general - Water networks and drainage in buildings, works with galvanized iron pipes, ductile iron, black iron, water and drainage, polypropylene fusion system,...

La Pedrera

Fabrricamos natural stone tiles in different sizes and thicknesses.
poas alajuela costa rica - Poás - Alajuela - Costa Rica

DAKS Arts Decoraciones

We are a company dedicated to design and painted interior, we offer specialized services in maintenance and painting of houses, apartments, offices, hotels, schools, shops, galleries, also also offer painted More...
- Lince - Lima - Peru

C&C Constructores Generales SAC

A company organized to provide customer satisfaction.

We serve the customer in mind, for these reasons is that we have a group of highly skilled professionals such as architects, civil engineers, More...
- Ate - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ronald Correa

Interior design in América Latina
We dedicated to the consultancy, supervision, design and construction directed to the residential sector like enterprise. We solve its needs professionally, of integral form and...

Construcciones Inmo Casa s.a.s

It offers construction services for homes and renovations in general at all costs and labor. inside and outside the city.
carrera 52 N| 54 - 34 Itagui - Itagüí - Antioquia - Colombia

Perforaciones H&M S.A

- Drilling water well depths of 1 to 150 mts.

- Installation of pumping equipment and submersible equipment sales.

- Processing applications for drilling.
Alajuel, Costa Rica - Atenas - Alajuela - Costa Rica