Construction machinery rentals in Latin America

It is a company that is seated on sechura province, with the aim of providing its services: demolition, construction of civil works, plant hire, mobile screens, quarries for aggregates, etc.

Grupo Hermanos Principe SAC

It is a company that is seated on Sechura province, with the aim of providing its services: demolition, construction of civil works, plant hire, mobile screens, quarries for aggregates, etc.
Mz. P Lt. 24 Asentamiento Humano Túpac Amaru II. - Sechura - Piura - Peru


Estamos ubicados en San Pedro Sula Y Tegucigalpa - Cortés - Honduras

Mayatechos, S. A. -
Metallic extensions, remodelings, construction, structures, curved, industrial, entrepisos hangars, gymnasiums, warehouses, ships, bridges, buildings, and others, ceilings of all type and polycarbonate, blacksmith shop, tanks...

Heavy machinery rentals in América Latina
Import, rental of heavy machinery, civil works contract for movement of dirt and debris. ...


Barrio medina 13-14 calle 6 ave. Ala par de cooperativa elga
Atendemos a nivel nacional. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Transruta 2019, C.A,

Miranda - Guarenas - Plaza - Miranda - Venezuela

Trasval peru

Trasval peru Our company is characterized by the seriousness and responsibility of our services we provide to our customers. We also have accident insurance through transport (AMT)

Car low bed platform trucks from 15 to 30 tons and hire of machinery as excavators, bulldozers, rollers, front loader, and several others.
Psj. los eucaliptos N°100 San Gabriel - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Materiales para construcción en los Estados Unidos -
Venta e instalacion de tablaroca...

Building contractors in América Latina
It is dedicated to all industrial maintenance and residential construction in general, remodeling in general. free advice. ...

Dismaar Distribuciones

Drag distribute materials such as gravel or crushed, base, subbase, sand, asphalt. Shuttle double trailers and trucks. Rental equipment.
Calle 44 No. 19 - 14 Local: 03 - Valledupar - Cesar - Colombia


We are a Cusco company to rent the building and construction tools have a wide variety of tools such as scaffolding, telescopic ladders .
Av. Grau 1027 - Santiago - Cusco - Peru

Grupo Impulsa SAC

Our company is engaged in the sale, rental, installation and dismantling of tower cranes and hoists ( lifts contruccion ) for heavy and people and props rental and sale of More...
Av. América Oeste MZ A Lote 14 Urbanización La Esmeralda - Trujillo - Peru

Heavy machinery in América Latina
D6r rental tractor, front loader f series ii 950, 322 crawler excavator bl me, roller, dump truck, etc. for demolition, excavation, land leveling, desquinches, access...

Constructora MN EIRL

It is a company dedicated to works of sanitation, electricity, fire systems, grounding wells.
Av. Jose Galvez 201 Urb. 4 de socabaya - Socabaya - Arequipa - Peru

Andamio Imex

The company rents boatswain Imex Group (scaffolds) for cleaning glass facade height, painting, impermebelizacion, ect.. said apparatus is set in 15 minutes.

The company rented props imex group metal, and concrete More...
Uruguay Nº 20 - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic