Countryside restaurants in Latin America

Cottage for 14 people, fully equipped with parking, 200 meters from the roman beach pools, gardens to rest-with all parties - without a cook.

San Antonio Bendito

Cottage for 14 people, fully equipped with parking, 200 meters from the Roman beach pools, gardens to rest-with all parties - without a cook. WiFi. TV. Hammock area. Public transport close to everything.
Carrera 6 No. 114-269 - Santa Marta - Magdalena - Colombia

Restaurant Puerto Luna

Restaurant Puerto Luna Fish specialties, seafood, meats and pastas.
Ruta 10 km 168 y calle 28. Balneario buenos aires - Punta Del Este - Maldonado - Uruguay

Boarding houses in América Latina
We are a hostel we have a restaurant, pool table, pool Fishing, Free parqueamiento, 24-hour reception and excellent attention to our clients ...

Restaurante lLas Hamacas

Rivera country restaurant via the best dishes from area nustra stew, fish dishes ala carte select and enjoy a family atmosphere for a good rest hammocks, swimming pool and accommodation for your family looked after by their owners.
Carrera 5 n.58 sur-50 kilometro 9 viaa al sur - Rivera - Huila - Colombia

Turicentro Rancho Poly

Aldea Las Minas Km. 114 Jutiapa - Jutiapa - Guatemala

Posada del Cerro

Posada del Cerro Posada del Cerro Restaurant Campestre, is located in the area of ??Menocucho, Km. 26. 5 of the Road Simbal, away from the noise of the city and enjoy a beautiful landscape, with a permanent sunshine, busy by gentle river Moche and under the imposing archaeological complex "Menocucho".

Who we are nature lovers can enjoy this beautiful place, its facilities have all More...
Menocucho Km. 26.5 Carretera a Simbal - Trujillo - Laredo - Trujillo - Peru

Cocina criolla en los Estados Unidos -
Ofrece a su digna clientela comidas exquisitas como chancho al palo, cordero, pato y cuy al palo, comida criolla, y variedad en pescados y mariscos;...

Mundo Marino S.A. -
Recreation, aquatic park, services...

Pachamanca y Rocoto Restaurante Campestre

Av. Progreso 409 Huaranguillo - Sachaca - Arequipa - Peru

Hotel Curiti Santader La Montoya - Cabañas en Gua

- Curiti - Santander - Colombia

El Paraíso

Offers its customers exquisite food worthy as the stick pig, lamb, duck and guinea pig to the pole, local food, and variety of seafood, we have a parking area, arcade, volleyball court, games sapo, for I spend weekends at home with family enjoying our season.
Av. Aeropuerto Nº 163 - Chachapoyas - Amazonas - Peru

Seafood restaurants in América Latina
We are a restaurant where we give our marine products disposal: fish cracklings, rice with seafood, fish and mixed ceviche, grilled chicken, fried rice and...

Restaurants in América Latina
Typical Colombian restaurant with excellent seasoning, Quindio décor and served by our beautiful chapoleras. ...

Hosteria Mindo Lago

Hosteria Mindo Lago Hosteria Mindo Lago Ecuador: cabins
Conference room
Frog concert (concert frogs)
Honeymoon in hosteria
Weddings in Hosteria Mindo Lago
family Outings
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Vía Calacalí - La Independencia,
Km. 78 Vía a Mindo
Calle Principal - San Miguel de los Bancos - Pichincha - Ecuador

Las Poncianas Hotel

Las Poncianas Hotel The Poncianas Hotel this located in Casma, Peru to only 5 hours of the city of Lima.El hotel counts on 45 rooms, 2 swimming pools, one of them semi olympic one, restaurant, convention center, sauna, garages, sport slab, table games, games for children, and but. The hotel gives the welcome him it invites and them to visit the archaeological complex More...
Alt. km 379 Panamericana Norte - Casma - Chimbote - Peru