Electric material in Latin America

Group of engineers komatsu, srl, is a company in the dominican republic dedicated to supplying and supporting manufacturers of electrical panels, contractors and engineers by offering.

Grupo de Ingenieros Komatsu

Grupo de Ingenieros Komatsu Group of Engineers Komatsu, SRL, is a company ... More information ...
Calle Jose Lopez 7, Los Prados, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Inelchi Montajes

Electric utility, electromechanical assembly, Plants for rush, installation ... More information ...
Montevideo - Uruguay
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Electricians in América Latina
We are dedicated to service, maintenance and supply in the power sector, industrial electronics, supported by other 12 years of experience in the industrial field. ...

Electrical industry in América Latina
We commercialize of supply lights 70 sodium steam of 250 and watts....

Ferrenisa SAS

The best choice in quality and price where ... More information ...
Santander - Colombia
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Mac 3r Ingenieria Ltda CI

Cosntruccion consulting and electrical engineering projects, residential electrical ... More information ...

Lighting in América Latina
Artistic and decorative illumination. Illumination of emergencia. Dichroic illumination. Illumination by optical fiber. Submerged illumination sources and cascades. Illumination electrical devices. Illumination facilities and projects....


Residential electric utilities, industrial materials and services where ... More information ...
Valle del Cauca - Colombia
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Alaska Refrigeración Aire Acondicionados

Alaska Refrigeration Workshop air conditioning, domestic, industrial and ... More information ...
Francisco Morazán - Honduras
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Hardware stores in América Latina
We are a friendly hardware store with a large market which is aimed at the needs of our customers in it find items such as...

Coel Electric

Representatives of the line Truper, translate, condubol, lorenzzeti, ... More information ...
Cochabamba - Bolivia
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Barraca y Ferretería Casco

Company focused on general products for building barracks ... More information ...