Fertilizers in Latin America

An ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas.

Ecuatoriana de Agroproduccion Ecuagropsm S.A.

An Ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas. cocoa. corn, rice etc.
Foleares sell fertilizers and soil urea, potassium nitrate DAP, Humus, etc.
Covers high and low density
Bands, ribbons, daipas, fungicides, scarves, cravats, herbicides, nematicides, insecticides.
Sucre y Napoleon Mera - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Novo Apart-Hotel

We are a apart-hotel in San Salvador, with 49 rooms, divided into 3 types jr suite, suite and family, we have pool, restaurant, insurance that will make your visit to our country very pleasant.
Final 61 Av Norte Col escalon, Sn Salvador El Salvador - San Salvador - El Salvador

Products for agriculture in América Latina
Commercial lines: SEEDS Products I. seeds: grasses for temperate to cold weather and warm weather, Rye grass Italian, English, hybrid, perennial, Brachiarias SPP, among others. ...

Agrozar Insumos Agrícolas

Trading company and distribution of vegetable seeds, forage, green manure. We have granular fertilizers, agricultural lime and different types of agricultural defensive. We have the best veterinary products and items for the garden.
Ruta 2, km 16.5 Capiata - Capiatá - Central - Paraguay

Diamon Corporacion S.A

Sulphates of Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Acids, etc.
Calle Chacarillas , 451 - San Isidro - Lima - Peru

Vivero y Reforestadora Las Acacias

Sale of timber plants, watershed protection , fruit , ornamental pots , baskets , fertilizers and basic gardening tools .
Carepa, Vereda ipanka - Urabá - Antioquia - Colombia

Agribusiness in América Latina
Owners of the mark The Green Seng Botanical?s.Especial to thin and the estere?imiento. All natural one....

Agricultural products in América Latina
A company formed by young and enterprising people with much experience in the production and marketing of onion and garlic. ...

Minera Canada Ancha S.A.

Production of mineral plaster horse head style stone for cement, fertilizers also produce calcium sulfate, granular 2 / 4 mm powder and pellets, as a contribution of 18% sulfur and calcium 23%, plus you use it as a whitewash to recover I unsinkable sodic saline soils. sold in bags x 40 kgs, big.bag. 1000 kgs and or bulk. /
Av. Sarmiento 751 San Rafael Mendoza - Cerrito - Montevideo - Uruguay

Bioagroinsumos S.A.S

Bioagroinsumos S.A.S dedicated to the production of organic products for agriculture - liquid biofertilizer bioxinis & let us know.
calle 161 a No 21-50 - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia

Agroventas San Francisco

Agroventas San Francisco Organic fertilizer producers - fungicides and insecticidasademas veterinary consumptions salts mineral-calcium-anti-parasite-disinfectants topic-antidiarrheal-vitamins talc anti fleas etc.
Av. Abdon Calderon 710 y 31 de Octubre - Otavalo - Imbabura - Ecuador

Engineers in América Latina
Planes autocad flat design, evaluation and execution electrical flat architectonic flat sanitary planes structural plane with tabiqueria of drywall, architectural rises, we offered our services...

Abonos Superior Ltda - Qlyque.com
Producer and distributor of products for nutrition and plant health. We have products such as: Garlic-chili Hydrolates, Hydrolates of snuff, foliar fertilizers, among others. ...

Petrasfos chile S.A.

Petrasfos Chile S.A. It has been installed in the country to meet the needs of perlite and vermiculite.
Excellent filter material, chemically inactive. Improved farming techniques, allowing optimum moisture and oxygenation. Insulation, highly fire resistant acoustic insulation. In construction: concrete for making false skies and light.
Camino Santa Teresa s/n Parcela 5 A lote 2 A-4 - Lampa - Santiago - Chile

Dagussa, S.R.L.

Import and distribution of agrochemicals and material supplies for greenhouses and irrigation systems.
Antigua aut. Duarte km 84.5, Bonao Rep. Dominicana - Monseñor Nouel - Dominican Republic