Fire extinguishers in Latin America

We tailoring industrial leather gloves in several models of quality plus and our measures of lengths from 9 "to 18" inches. ; models: engineer, tractor, mixed (simple, ref.

ZC Guantes y Seguridad Industrial

We tailoring industrial leather gloves in several models of quality plus and our measures of lengths from 9 "to 18" inches.; models: engineer, tractor, mixed (simple, ref. paresttial ref.interior, full yellow (simple, refuezo partial, mixed yellow and welder denim petrolero. Uso model (mangas, boots, aprons, jacket and pants, hood, (pvc apron nac)) our quality leather is chrome (sides) More...
Av. Perú 1169-A 2do. Piso Urb. Huaquillay De Lima Norte-Lima 07 - Comas - Lima - Peru
Rpte: ZC 3M Arseg Protex Ansell Spro usafety Gloria

Extin Llamas

Cargo and sell all kinds of dry chemical powder fire extinguishers abc, bc, h2o, Solkaflam 123, co2.

Kits, stretchers, signs, road cones, road kit regulations.
calle 80 no 65-37 - Barranquilla - Atlántico - Colombia

Fumigación en los Estados Unidos -
Fumigacion – plomeria - albañileria * Servicios de fumigaciones Le ofrecemos nuestros servicios y productos contra plagas rastreras, masticadoras y voladoras, roedores,...

Seguricoin Seguridad contra Incendios

Enterprise industrial safety, fire safety seguricoin / we all related, in equipment and comprehensive advice on safety.
Oficina: Calle 63 a numero 41-41. - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia
Rpte: Wilder arcesio tamayo a

Fire Fighter Equiment

Service repair Fire Fighter Equipment Fire extinguishers, suppression systems, automatic sprinklers, rotulacion, free quote extintores puerto rico 236 cabo rojo 375 3086

Fumilamb E.I.R.L.

We offer services of:
- Fumigation.
- Disinfection of tanks water cisterns.
- Rat controls.
- Sale, Charge and Maintenance of extinguishers P.Q.S., CO2, H2O, etc. More...
Leoncio Prado 1461 - Urb. Campodonico. - Chiclayo - Peru
Rpte: Jose Agurto Suncion

Fire fighting equipment and materials in América Latina
Cajamaraquina company with 21 years experience in sales, maintenance, refilling of fire extinguishers and national importados.fadex - baexva - APAD - gloria - total -...

Security in América Latina
Security company equipment and technology brought from Europe, highly qualified personnel to provide private security services, both guardianship as bodyguards. We have security of all...


ofrecemos servicio de seguridad contra incendio
-venta y recarga de extintores
-contamos con equipos de ultima generacion
-alarmas contra incendio
-detectores de humo
-pozo tierra,etc
av.enrique fermi 507 urb fiori s.m.p (al frente de la fabrica trebol ) - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: srta :joanna artica turin

Satélite Extintores

Recharge, maintenance and sale of portable fire extinguishers.
Carrera 17 C No. 18 - 13 - Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Seguridad Industrial Procoldeseg

Industrial Safety Procoldeseg is dedicated to the maintenance and replenishment of all types of fire extinguishers sale signs, first aid kits, stretchers road kits .... 13 years in the market More...
Trasversal 86 B # 61 A 09 - Bosa - Bogotá - Colombia

Industrial safety: articles in América Latina
Experts in reflectivity and signaling, 3m and implaser dealer, offer reflective fabrics, reflective and photoluminescent plates, elaborate signals; guarantee on all our products, training manuals...


Sales and recharge fire extinguishers.
Av. Paragua 3er. Pasando una cuadra hacia el 4to. Anillo #3235. - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Distribuidora Industrial del Caribe

Purchase, refilling and maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers, factory prices, CONSULTANTS, lectures and practices of fire prevention and control, and occupational health.
Urb. El Socorro, plan 134 mz 129 L35 - Cartagena - Bolívar - Colombia