Flours in Latin America

Farinha buy and sell wheat, need of vendors for brazil, type 0, 00, 000 and 0000, i look back.

Maison Group

Farinha buy and sell wheat, need of vendors for Brazil, type 0, 00, 000 and 0000, I look back.
- Jundiaí - São Paulo - Brazil

Nidera S.A.

Wheat, oils
Av. Paseo Colón 505, piso 4º - Capital Federal C1063ACF - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Agricultural products in América Latina
buy and sell Quinoa, Amaranth, cañihua, Maize, corn, Sorghum, Beans Peruvian, Chickpea, canary beans, Wheat Grain Buckwheat, barley, mani, Mung bean, Cowpea, Lima bean, habas,...


Process and development of Andean cereals.
Toasted grain - grain milling - grain laminate
maca flour - flour and / or quinoa flake - seven seeds flour
Selected raw chia More...
Urb. Villa Alegre -- Distrito de Santiago de Surco - Lima - Lima - Peru

Inca Trade Coporation S.A.C

Inca Trade Corporation S. A. C is a world leading company based in Lima, Peru. We are direct manufacturers and exporters of squid meal and squid by-products. We provide high More...
Av. Salaverry 2409 Suite 2 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: John Burga

Llapan Miki S.A.C.

We work maca, nail of gat, noni and other flours to encapsulate or sale in bulk. We have Miki mark.
Fruits of the direct forest of the producers to supply to More...
Unidad Vecinal Mirones Block 68 Departamento 426 - Lima - Peru

Food industry in América Latina
Peruvian company that contributes to sustainable development of agro-export industry, benefiting rural communities carrying an ancient Incan wisdom, preserving our environment and managing to satisfy...


We made flour and crushed natural products such as nettle, paico, cat's claw, artichoke, ginger and various products by pedidis
Avn Unidad Nacional y Gabriela Mistral - Latacunga - Cotopaxi - Ecuador
Rpte: Edison Gutierrez

Jarabe de Maiz - Almidon de Maiz – Glucovil

Syrups produced from corn. Composed of dextrose, maltose and polysaccharides, in varying proportions depending on the degree of conversion, grant their sweetness, texture and technological features products according to the More...
Sarmiento 459 5º Piso - San Nicolás - Buenos Aires - Argentina