Forensic science in Latin America

Traffic accidents - peru surveys from "siatasvi" in lima and provinces reconstructive analysis of facts in traffic accidents (contested cases), and perform expert mechanic in wrecked vehicles.

Siatasvi - Peru

Siatasvi - Peru Traffic accidents - Peru

Surveys from "Siatasvi" in Lima and provinces reconstructive analysis of facts in traffic accidents (contested cases), and perform expert mechanic in wrecked vehicles.
Las Amapolas 169 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Detectives Alfa Noboa

Private detective, private investigator. child custody, monitoring, executive protection, surveillance, private detective, private investigator.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we argue about in truth and honesty.
San Pedro de Macoris - San Pedro de Macorís - Dominican Republic

Private investigations in América Latina
Career Center International Private Investigations - Reports: The detective or private investigator is a professional who works for individuals, businesses, law firms, or mutual insurance...

Lawyers in América Latina
Consulting and legal and notary services. ...


Academia and research agencies, support distance learning on-line.
- San Francisco - Zulia - Venezuela


The headquarters of firefighters
La sede de los Bomberos - Machiques de Perijá - Zulia - Venezuela

Agencia Detectives Dircondep Huanuco

We are an agency of highly qualified private investigation detectives. In all our work we maintain with our customers discretion.
We perform:
- Follow.
- Duplication of names.
- Infidelity.
- Thefts.
- Conducts sospechozas.
- Requisitoriados search.
- Bigamias.
- As requested by the client prior assessment.
- We keep absolute reserve with our customers.
Cayhuayna - Pillco Marca - Huánuco - Peru

Abogados penales en los Estados Unidos -
Abogada. Disponibilidad las 24hs Asesoramientos Litigios Trámites en general CONSULTE...

Legal experts in América Latina
Criminal and judicial investigation agency ...

Instituo Medicano de Criminologia. S.C.

Graduated in expert areas: questioned documents, criminology, criminology, ballistics, forensic psychology, estimate.
Services: legal consultation, expert works, judgments.
Via Morelos #180 A., Col. Nuevo Laredo, Ecatepec.
c.p. 55080 - Ecatepec de Morelos - México - Mexico


We are a company with more than 30 years in the domestic market, providing reassurance to our customers, specializing in the governmental area, commercial and industrial.

It also makes private investigation and criminal legal advice.
50 este tribunales cartago - Cartago - Costa Rica


Detecbol We carry out effective work in: Location of people nationwide, couples infidelity, debt collection, selling spy cameras, microphones, headphones, GPS and more.
Plaza San Francisco - Pedro Domingo Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia
Rpte: Gabriel Villarreal Andrade

Seguridad en los Estados Unidos -
Articulos para bebe. Cadenas de plastico. Conos de seguridad. Plastico por inyeccion. Proteccion industrial articulos para la proteccion seguridad personal. Seguridad industrial. Señalizacion....

Sr Investigador

Sr Investigador Agency of investigations with ample experience in pursuits in the national and international scope. Our range of services as private detectives understand the following thing: - pursuits x infidelity, whereabouts, search of people, commercial disloyalty, industrial espionage, satelite trackings, legal, banking information, credit cards, antecedents, migrations, cellular control of entrance and exit of the country, robberies, thefts, listings telef?, listening, More...
- Recoleta - Buenos Aires - Argentina

IP3 & Asociados de Argentina

IP3 & Asociados de Argentina Professional study in deprived investigations, with legal consultation by professionals of the right, specialized in police subjects, due to its formation in the Argentine federal police.
Pte. Perón 1493 - Piso 2º Of. 4 - Buenos Aires - Argentina