Gloves in Latin America

We are manufacturer, distributor and marketer in providing solutions in the areas of industrial safety, health, first aid and general services as such.

Masc Corporación SAC

We are manufacturer, distributor and marketer in providing solutions in the areas of industrial safety, health, first aid and general services

As such.

* Tools anti spark material aluminum, bronze and polyethylene shovels, pickaxes, sledgehammers, chisels, crowbars, rakes, spatulas and others.

* Eyewash bottles, workstations, laptops, and showers

 Eyewash bottles of 8 oz, 500 ml, 1000 ml

 Stations simple bottles 1 bot, 2 double bot., More...
Calle Juan Hevia N° 2946 SMP - Lima- Lima - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Sadith Magaly Navarro Cordova

ZC Guantes y Seguridad Industrial

We tailoring industrial leather gloves in several models of quality plus and our measures of lengths from 9 "to 18" inches.; models: engineer, tractor, mixed (simple, ref. paresttial ref.interior, full yellow (simple, refuezo partial, mixed yellow and welder denim petrolero. Uso model (mangas, boots, aprons, jacket and pants, hood, (pvc apron nac)) our quality leather is chrome (sides) More...
Av. Perú 1169-A 2do. Piso Urb. Huaquillay De Lima Norte-Lima 07 - Comas - Lima - Peru
Rpte: ZC 3M Arseg Protex Ansell Spro usafety Gloria

Industrial safety: articles in América Latina
Industrial security flameproof apparatuses...

Rram E.I.R.L

Wholesale latex gloves, disposable mask and disposable caps.
- San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Inversiones Gonzales

We're a company dedicated to meeting their needs in everything that concerns industrial safety and hygiene.
Col Loarque entre Maxi despensa y gasolinera uno frente a comercial Galegari - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Faseinca E.I.R.L.

We are manufacturers of leather gloves for the mining and metallurgical industry
Av. el Parral 250 km. 8 8/5 Tupac Amaru - Comas - Lima - Peru

P&S Quality EIRL -
We are a company certified manufacturer, distributor and marketer with 18 years of experience in the market in the industrial and institutional sector basis in...

Materiales médicos en los Estados Unidos -
SSICEN provee ropa quirurgica y hospitalaria. contamos con equipos de ropa lavable (campos, batas, batas qx, sabanas, fundas, protectores), equipos de ropa desechable, bolsas para...


Company dedicated to the distribution and importation of safety boots, gloves, fabrics, industrial panties, and selling all kinds of personal protective supplies, we sell wholesale and retail are manufacturers and More...
Zona Industrial II Etapa - San Francisco - Zulia - Venezuela

Bioseg Industrial Limidada

Industrial Bioseg is a company dedicated to the sale and marketing of industrial safety, road works and articles of validity
* Helmets
* Gloves
* Shoes
* Lenses
* Coveralls
* Workwear
* Rubbish bins
Calle Gamero 1022 (Entre las calles Independencia y Yerbas Buenas) - Chillán - Biobío - Chile


Smolvill quite experienta company manufacture all leather model cuantes industrial safety, too: jerkins and aprons, shoulder pads, leggings, sleeves and other stock we have to meet their requirements.
Av. Nicolas Suares Nro.1290 Cuarto anillo entre mutualista y paragua - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Fabrica de Creaciones Arleth -
Factory creations dressing well ...

Carpena Moran Luis Alberto

importation, manufacture and sale of personal safety items, fire equipment, rescue equipment (stretchers, rigid board, splints, collars, medicine, etc).
Valle Riestra 1303 Urb. Colmenares - Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru

Uniformes y Dotaciones

specializing in envelopes for all kinds of companies where you will find clothing for men and lady, industrial boots, head protection, hearing, visual and heights having different brands (Rhino, Alpaca, More...
Carrera 6 N 27-65 - Ibagué - Tolima - Colombia