Gynecologists in Latin America

Vilanco, medical center specialistic in health for the woman; gynecology, obtetricia, oncologica gynecology: prevention and treatment of uterine cervico cancer and breasts.

Centro Medico Vilanco

Centro Medico Vilanco Vilanco, medical center specialistic in health for the ... More information ...

Sonograms in América Latina
Control obstetric diagnostic ultrasound 3d - 4d, gynecological, transvaginal, breast, thyroid, liver, gall Vili. pancreas, spleen, kidney, prostate, testis, eco pleura, and so on. ...

Clínica Médica "Santa Maria"

Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, adolescent care. ... More information ...

Rosa Alicia Faigenboim

Rosa Alicia Faigenboim Tocoginec?loga doctor, health feta, ecography 4d, ecography 3d, ... More information ...
Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Ginoferty Clinica de Medeicina Reprodutiva -
A Clinic Reprodução Humana Ginoferty , is located not center da cidade de Cascavel not Oeste do Paraná , and dispoe ampla physics and modern...

Evelyn Zeda, MD, FACOG

Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. We specialized ... More information ...
San Juan - Puerto Rico
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Ginecologia - obstetricia

- Ecografias 3d and 4d
- Obstetric Ecografias
- Transvaginal ... More information ...
Risaralda - Colombia
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Centro Medico Solidario -
Solidarity Medical Center S.M.P • General Medicine • Pediatrics • Gynecology • Medical Procedures • Laboratory Analysis • Dentistry • Topic...

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Dedicated to commercialize the high-level disinfectant Gerdex, unique in the world non-toxic and non-corrosive, non-staining, easy to use. bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal in 30...

Senocuidado Clínica de Mama

Senocuidado Clínica de Mama Breast clinic. mastológicos medical services. Breast cancer. Mastology. ... More information ...
Distrito Federal - Mexico
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Clinica Medica Santa Celia

Ofrecece care services delivery, Cesarean, gynecology, gastroenterology, urology, ... More information ...