Household items in Latin America

We are dedicated to provide quality and value in aluminum items like pots pans guiseras we ship to all the peru .

Manufactura Innova

We are dedicated to provide quality and value in aluminum items like pots pans guiseras we ship to all the Peru .
Mza. L Lote. 5-a C.C. las Viñas de Media Luna - Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Plásticos San Diego

Plastic product distribution, menage for the home, dismissable, jugueter?a, loser?a, plastic bags, distribution at home.
Jr. Atahualpa 331
Jr. Suárez 319 - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Jorge Pérez Guarníz

Handicrafts in América Latina
Sell ??candy in jams, chocolates, cookies and so on. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Der Koch

Extractors of luxury of German design, stainless steel, system of extraction-purification, filters catch-greasy duration of by life, absorbs bad scents, chimney by telescope.
San José, Costa Rica - Curridabat - San José - Costa Rica

El Palacio del Colchón

We are a producer and marketer of products for hotels, homes and institutions comodida satisfying their needs , health and economy.
- Rumiñahui - Pichincha - Ecuador


Dedicated to interior decorating, curtains, rugs, valances, Roman, rollox, sliding, wood veneer and carved.
Urdenor mz. 142 villa 10.
Tmbien estamos ubicados en la ciudad de Machala, entrando a las brizas frente al antiguo bananero, en el hotel bananero primer piso. - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador
Rpte: Alex Villavicencio

Furniture factories in América Latina
We manufacture kitchen, closets, dressers, libraries, commercial furniture, modern design, unique to your needs. ...

Decoration and decorators in América Latina
- Maintenance-Construction-Remodeling Shopping. - Buildings, Houses, Shops and Offices. - Service: Part-time work days and generally all matters relating to construction. ...


We are a company of dedicated services to the commercialization and facilities of laminated, structured, vinilicos floors, carpets, parquet, parqueton, complementary socles and services, we counted on products of excellent More...
Jr. Republica de Jamaica 349 Villa Sr. de los Milagros - Callao - Lima - Peru


Import and distributing manufacturers of curtains and blinds, everything in cap of windows, the best designs and you complete tendencies.
calle 41 no, 7-29 - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia


Reliable company, with great experience for sale in instalaci?n of supports for televisions LCD-Shape, TV conventional, Infocus, we have served hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, homes, etc. Visits our p?gina More...
girasoles de monjas calle a lote # 13 y calle b - Fundación - Magdalena - Colombia

Water filters in América Latina
We are Master Water organization dedicated to the handling of alternatives to the benefit of the health and the economy, by means of systems for...

Furniture in América Latina
It is a on sale dedicated company of all type of furniture for the modern home. Ofreemos games of room in best tapizes national and...

Prestige Desings

Blinds, furniture importados.comedores, bedrooms, carpets, partitions tempered glass bathroom interior design
Delivery and installation advice.
calle 11-2 -53 - Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Comercial 'El Angel'

Imported and national Posters of artists and landscapes, clothes and articles, sale of toys, jewelry store, gifts.
Jr. Atahualpa 386 - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Langer Ruíz Alejandro