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Traffic accidents - peru surveys from "siatasvi" in lima and provinces reconstructive analysis of facts in traffic accidents (contested cases), and perform expert mechanic in wrecked vehicles.

Siatasvi - Peru

Siatasvi - Peru Traffic accidents - Peru

Surveys from "Siatasvi" in Lima and provinces reconstructive analysis of facts in traffic accidents (contested cases), and perform expert mechanic in wrecked vehicles.
Las Amapolas 169 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Peritos Auxiliares de la Justicia

Safety studies, visits domicilairias
Medellin - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

Lawyers in América Latina
Our labor lawyers aim to help workers protect themselves in situations where their rights are violated as in the case of dismissal, harassment, psychological abuse,...

Laboratorio de Patología y Biología Molecular

DNA Paternity Laboratory, Special pathology: immunohistochemistry, histochemistry, DNA from human papillomavirus (HPV), Thin Prep Cytology and traditional (liquid cytology CT Thin Prep team, Hologic (The Thin Prep Original) for Chlamydia DNA and gonorrhea, biopsies generally by specialists from the different branches of Pathology. PCA-3, karyotype biopsy and imprint Freezing analyzed.
Computerized Processing Equipment and Suction biopsies.
J. Achécar No. 4 Esq. Colón, Clínica Anacaona y Centro Médico San Juan - San Juan - Dominican Republic

Geneva Group International

Geneva Group International Company/signature of accountant-auditors Peruvian member of international Geneva group offers professional services to local and foreign companies that need international professional consultancy.
Av. Dos de Mayo Nº 1566 Of. 208 - San Isidro - Lima - Peru

ADN Solutions - Pruebas y Consultoria en ADN

ADN Solutions - Pruebas y Consultoria en ADN DNA Paternity Testing Center

Counseling in Forensic Genetics, DNA Testing,
Paternity-Maternity Tests-Detection of Baby Change.
Postgraduate Studies in Univ. Trujillo UNT
Postgraduate Studies at Univ. San Agustín UNSA
AABB certification (authorization of DNA Laboratories).
Members of the Latin American Soc. Of Forensic Genetics SLAGF,
Members of the International Soc. Of Forensic Geneticists ISFG, Legal Validity.
Specialized Attention Of Collegiate And Qualified Biologists.
Resolution of Complex Cases Through DNA.
Extensive Professional More...
Calle Torres Paz 599, 1°Piso - Chiclayo - Chiclayo - Peru

Detectives privados en los Estados Unidos -
Centro de Investigaciones Vidocq Detectives e investigadores judiciales a su alcance - Infidelidades - Vigilancia y seguimientos - Verificación de antecedentes -...

Forensic science in América Latina
Private Detectives We offer magnum behavior of people with photo and video infidelities. Mobile spy, telephone recordings, microphones vehicles, internet key, history, biographies phones,...


Academia and research agencies, support distance learning on-line.
- San Francisco - Zulia - Venezuela

Agencia Detectives Dircondep Huanuco

We are an agency of highly qualified private investigation detectives. In all our work we maintain with our customers discretion.
We perform:
- Follow.
- Duplication of names.
- Infidelity.
- Thefts.
- Conducts sospechozas.
- Requisitoriados search.
- Bigamias.
- As requested by the client prior assessment.
- We keep absolute reserve with our customers.
Cayhuayna - Pillco Marca - Huánuco - Peru

Instituo Medicano de Criminologia. S.C.

Graduated in expert areas: questioned documents, criminology, criminology, ballistics, forensic psychology, estimate.
Services: legal consultation, expert works, judgments.
Via Morelos #180 A., Col. Nuevo Laredo, Ecatepec.
c.p. 55080 - Ecatepec de Morelos - México - Mexico

Valmore Consultores Asociados S.A.C. -
We specialized in the valuation of companies, valuation of fixed and intangible assets and the estimate of hypothecating guarantees. Also, in the formulation and evaluation...

Criminal attorneys in América Latina
I have but of 12 years to exert the profession I am to maester in right and I have expereincias in civil and penal complex...

Topografia Global de Cartago

Topografia Global de Cartago Procedures cadastral appraisals, condomonio developments, location of project sites.
Tercer Piso Edificio Villanueva, Crtago, Costa Rica - Cartago - Costa Rica

Valuaciones Corporativas del Perú® - Valucorp®

Peru Valucorp ®
Economic and financial consultant:
Property valuations of houses, buildings, and industrial heritage division, asset division spousal allowances and interests, economic & financial surveys, business advisory.
Asset valuation-ifrs ifrs, reappraisal of reductions and desmedros, companies, brands etc..
Jr. Pelicanos S/n Urb. Miguel Grau - Chimbote - Peru