Masonry in Latin America

Multiple and compatible integral services.

Grupo del Aguila contratistas y Representaciones

Grupo del Aguila contratistas y Representaciones Multiple and compatible integral services. ... More information ...
Calle Amazonas - 126 - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

N.A. Almiron

Plumbing - Gas - blacksmith - electricity - ... More information ...
Cordoba, Argentina - Capital - Córdoba - Argentina

MBR Contratistas Generales S.A.C. -
We realise demolitions of houses, old property, large houses and demolition of all type of constructions. We plow structures of concrete, slabs of concrete simple...

Servicios Generales Atasaa

Atasaa General Services, is a company dedicated wings ... More information ...

Dieces instalaciones

Warranty limited to the best price we give ... More information ...
Asunción - Paraguay
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Construction companies in América Latina
We are a sub contractor dedicated civil construction wing . Running specializing in retaining walls, bridge boxes, building bridges, sewer installation , cast cement concrete...

Construction finishes in América Latina
Our company is specially prepared to produce high amounts of low-priced modules and we are very interested in sending them to America. It is supports...


- System drywall drywall
- We build any design
- ... More information ...

Architects in América Latina
Audits, reforms, civil tierras.construcciones movements, metalicas.coordinador safety and health in construction, occupational risk prevention. ...

Distribuidora Pacifico

Rent scaffolding, hammer drill, removal of excavated, cement, ... More information ...

Servicios Generales de Mantenimiento

We provide all painting, electricity, remodelings, CCTV, networking, ... More information ...
Cartago - Costa Rica
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