Mining in Latin America

We provide surface diamond drilling in diameters h.

Boyles Test Drilling S.R.L.

Boyles Test Drilling S.R.L. We provide surface diamond drilling in diameters H.Q. and N.Q., drilling environmental impact assessment, civil works, import of machinery, tools and implements.
Senkata / Av. Japon
Calle Loayza # 2472 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia
Rpte: Sr. Elias

Refractarios Lembcke S.A.C.

We manufacture pots and cups that are used in mineral analysis laboratories.
- Trujillo - Peru

Capital Mining s.a.c. -
The company is being formed by and be bound to produce minerals. ...

Minera Canada Ancha S.A.

Production of mineral plaster horse head style stone for cement, fertilizers also produce calcium sulfate, granular 2 / 4 mm powder and pellets, as a contribution of 18% sulfur and calcium 23%, plus you use it as a whitewash to recover I unsinkable sodic saline soils. sold in bags x 40 kgs, big.bag. 1000 kgs and or bulk. /
Av. Sarmiento 751 San Rafael Mendoza - Cerrito - Montevideo - Uruguay

Proceso Severo

Consultation, consultancy processes extraction gold, severe process.
Manufacture equipment severe process.
Sale of equipment, materials and consumptions severe process
Qualification, analysis of samples
Ciudad Nueva M9, L12, C 5 - Tacna - Peru

Machine Drilling SAC

Machine Drilling SAC We are a Peruvian company; manufacturer of diamond machinery, spare parts, machining parts and components for the industry. We work in the field of mining, civil and industrial construction. We introduced ourselves and we extend to him our letter, hoping he can perform a brief tour of its facilities to learn about their needs and have the pleasure of meeting More...
Calle las Pleyades 230 Urb. la Campiña - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru

Engineering consulting in América Latina
Consulting, design and engineering - Manval SA. Maintenance of infrastructure - Manval SA. Industrial maintenance - Manval SA. Electromechanical Works and metalworks - Manval SA. ...

Diamond drilling in América Latina
Tubular drilling services and artesian wells nationwide peru llamenos without obligation. ...

Fire-Tec Peru E.i.r.l.

Cajamaraquina company with 21 years experience in sales, maintenance, refilling of fire extinguishers and national importados.fadex - baexva - APAD - gloria - total - Buckeye - orientx Amerex fire and others.

- Dry chemical powder (ABC) to 40%, 75%, 90% and (bc).

- Carbon dioxide CO2 - (bc)

- AFFF foam chemistry and FFFP - (ab)

- Pressurized Water - (a)

- Potassium acetate More...
Jr. Silva Santisteban N° 763. - Cajamarca - Peru

Cansermin E.I.R.L

We have modern digital equipment and highly trained staff who create, optimize and apply the best technologies for the immediate solution of their problems contribute.
Calle Bernardo Alcedo #119 Urb. 13 de enero Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero
Rpte: Claudio Raul Peredo Jara


We advise all types of environmental projects at the governmental and supply plants for afforestation and environmental care.
barrio el centro pasaje luz casa n 5-20 - Pamplona - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Construction machinery rentals in América Latina
Sales, rental of machinery for crushing and sale of stony materials ...

Tecsomin SRL

Diamond drilling services to mining for evaluations
Water well drilling
Soil studies SPT jobs
Av. Nestor Galindo 2704 el Alto - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Asakusa Peru S.A.C.

The reason for this letter is to greet them cordially, at the same time introduce our company Asakusa Peru SAC for the extraction and marketing of anthracite coal, high quality with low sulfur content, low volatile, fixed carbon and low ash coals giving about 6500 calories, with extensive experience in the field. Our main mining activity takes place in the More...
Cal 9 Octubre La Marqueza - Trujillo - Peru