Mining in Latin America

Carbon trading and advisory services for legalization of traditional mining.

Asociación De Mineros de la Cuenca del Sinifaná

Carbon trading and advisory services for legalization of traditional mining.
Carrera 51 N° 52-06 oficina 402 - Suroeste - Antioquia - Colombia

El Cisne Blanco

Tourist center of lodging skillful and trips.
A safe and reliable place.
Av. Peru no.473 - Juliaca - Perú - Juliaca - Peru
Rpte: Norberto R. limachi Limachi

Chemical products in América Latina
It is a finished company that began 21 years ago in the Ecuadorian market, in the product production of cleaning like waxes, shampoo, soap, disinfectants,...

Engineering consulting in América Latina
Geology and geophysics geotechnics ...


I want a mine
San Ramon Santamaria - Trojes - El Paraíso - Honduras

Cansermin E.I.R.L

We have modern digital equipment and highly trained staff who create, optimize and apply the best technologies for the immediate solution of their problems contribute.
Calle Bernardo Alcedo #119 Urb. 13 de enero Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero
Rpte: Claudio Raul Peredo Jara

Proyectos y Balanzas Oriente, C.A.

Manufacture of ready-mixed plants, scales in general, silos for cement quarry.
Av. Monseñor Alfredo Jose Rodriguez Figueroa - Sucre - Venezuela

Diamond drilling in América Latina
Company dedicated to the well perforation....

Construction machinery rentals in América Latina
We are dedicated to providing rental services for hauling heavy equipment and mobilization of land in mining and construction. ...

Servicios Multilples Quin EIRL

Company mining contractor, with ample experience in the nonmetallic mineral extraction, to the best development and fulfillment of our activities, we have equipment, own and/or rented machineries according to the More...
Av. Jose Santos Chocano Nº 775 - Carmen de la Legua Reynoso - Callao - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Angel Quin Salazar

Antonio Mattos Contratistas Generales EIRL

Company dedicated to the mining operation and rent of dumps and heavy machinery
Prolg. Piura Nueva 355 - Huancayo - Peru

Transarce Minería y Construcción

Dedicated to the mining and construction. Demolitions, excavations, pavings.
Heavy rent of dumps and equipment.
Jr. Lambayeque # 296 Urb. José Galvez - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Direct marketing in América Latina
Artepanel a company created to meet the needs of our clients in an effective and permanent, for it offers a range of products tailored to...

C&T Representaciones

We are an importer of supplies and equipment for the most important industrial sectors of the Peruvian economy, such as steel, mining, metallurgy, construction, among others.

We have the experience recognized More...
Calle Sta Cecilia 527 - Ate Vitarte - Lima - Peru


Extraction and marketing of aggregates.
fundo lisahue km 8 nva imperial carahue camino viejo - Nueva Imperial - La Araucanía - Chile