Mining companies in Latin America

I am pleased to greet you and take advantage of this medium by which they are inviting you to the seminar " mining act " with.


Av el Corregidor 2400 La Molina - Lima - Peru

Heavy machinery in América Latina
We are a company dedicated to the construction, with much experience in flower-growing, cattle raising, etc., realised: - subsolaciones-preparations of ground-reservorios-supplant-leveling-ways sport ocal-fields. etc....

C&M Brahma S.A.C.

C&M Brahma S.A.C. Sand blasting, shot blasting and industrial painting with ... More information ...

Musol SAC

We are a leading company in our region ... More information ...

Engineering projects in América Latina
Consultation and mantenci?n machines office, networks, networks wi fi....

Ccmp Euromin

Company dedicated wing tunsgteno purchase Wolfram ore, antimony ... More information ...

Mining equipment and supplies in América Latina
For 40 years Araipiasa manufacture equipment and automation for structural ceramics sector avalándonos as an established company in the sector.  Included in the group...


Sell, bentonite, diatomite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, silica, we ... More information ...
Chiquimula - Guatemala
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