Neurologists in Latin America

The center for neurological diseases, under the direction of dr. Luis miguel rodríguez duchen, neurosurgeon and spine surgeon, provides specialized people with back pain, neurological diseases.

Centro de Enfermedades Neurológicas

Centro de Enfermedades Neurológicas The Center for Neurological Diseases, under the direction of Dr. Luis Miguel Rodríguez DUCHEN, neurosurgeon and spine surgeon, provides specialized people with back pain, neurological diseases and spinal column to the current international protocols attention.

allows immediate Neurodiagnostic studies such as MRI, tomography, electroencephalography, electromyography, evoked potentials, radiology and digital access specialized laboratory.
Av. Busch 1126 entre Haití y Guatemala, Miraflores, La Paz, Bolivia. - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Dr. Bolívar F. Quito Betancourt

Pediatrician - Neuropaediatrician
Child neurophysiology: EEG, Video - EEG - evoked potentials
Miguel Cordero 6-140
Avenida Solano - Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador

Cardio Clinica -
Care clinic dedicated to heart. ...

Dr. Donald Fernando Mejicanos Pineda

Neurosurgery of adults and children, microsurgery, minimally invasive surgery, surgery of the nervous system highly complex skull base surgery, neuroendoscopic spine surgery and peripheral nerve
10 Calle 2-45 zona 14 Edificio Clinicas de las Americas 8 nivel oficina 802 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Terapias Integrales

early stimulation to children with disabilities and psychomotor retardation, speech therapy, physiotherapy relaxing anti-stress, neurological, traumatologica are equipped with latest technology equipment home price is reasonable.
Riobamba Barrio la Joya - Chimborazo - Ecuador

Cirsa Centro Neurologico

Center neurological and neurosurgical specialties
Barrio el Campin calle 40 ·# 30 20 - Barrancabermeja - Santander - Colombia

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Rehabilitation Association for New Breaking Dawn alcoholics and drug addicts ARENA is a non-governmental non-profit organization, dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with alcoholism and...

Neurocirujano / Cirujano de Columna

Neurosurgeon / Spine Surgeon
Teaching Medical Center Paradise
Maracaibo - Zulia centro médico docente paraíso piso 3 - Zulia - Venezuela
Rpte: Dr. Douglas A Molina Torres

Implantes IGP c.a.

We have a group of engineers and medical professionals with extensive experience in the manufacture or processing of implants for craniotomy to measure, in record time, titanium, methyl, among others. We also have Neurosurgery: cervical, lumbar, thoracic boxes, also in pedicle screws, plates, etc.

PGI has the business mission: to design, manufacture and market bone implants with international quality at competitive More...
- El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela


Neuromedicenter Neurological center of the elderly, specialized in Alzheimer's.

We have attention in diagnosis, treatment and day center.

Attention in several medical specialties and related: neurology, neuropsychology, geriatrics, psychology, psychiatry, nutrition, physical therapy, among others.
Gonzalo Noriega N39-174. El Batán. Quito - Ecuador - Iñaquito - Quito - Ecuador
María Angélica Hidrobo Oe3-86. Cumbayá

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Unidad de terapia del dolor y ozonoterpia.

Unidad de terapia del dolor y ozonoterpia. Pain therapy unit and provides ozone treatment of chronic cancer pain and conventional and alternative methods as well as in the use of ozone for treating a herniated disc as an alternative to surgery method.

What we try?
Migraine or headache.
Back pain, waist or neck.
Pain herniated nucleus pulposus.
Pain from arthritis or osteoarthritis: knee pain, shoulder and hip.
Pain following spinal surgery or trauma.
Postural More...
San Isidro. Torre de consultorios de la Clínica El Golf. Av. Miro Quesada 1048. Consultorio 301. - Lima - Peru
San Borja. Clínica Cabani. Av. Guardia Civil 627.

Electromiografia del Istmo


EMG or electromyography evaluates the electrical activity of muscles. This test is usually performed along with nerve conduction studies and both are very useful in the diagnosis of diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trapped nerves in the neck, back or limbs, widespread problems with nerve function and primary muscle diseases such as muscular dystrophy and many other conditions More...
Av 5 de Mayo #708 esquina con Calle Pacifico Col.Cantarranas (Centro), Salina Cruz Oaxaca, CP:70680. - Oaxaca - Mexico