Paints and varnishes in Latin America

Bekam has specialized in providing maintenance in the field of coatings and paint industry in general, from real estate to equipment and machinery. We have specialized.

Bekam Inversiones & Distribuciones

Bekam Inversiones & Distribuciones Bekam has specialized in providing maintenance in the field of coatings and paint industry in general, from real estate to equipment and machinery. We have specialized technicians trained to provide professional and guaranteed service.
Paints and Industrial Coatings For:
industrial buildings, structures, silos, storage tanks, dams, tanks, furnaces, boilers, industrial, cold rooms, pipes for high or low temperatures, paint precautionary strips and More...
Bo. Guamilito 6 ave 11 calle, Edificio suite del Valle Local No. 2 - San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Painters in América Latina
Application of epoxy flooring, garage floor paint and technical leveling, according to industry standards....

Construction finishes in América Latina
Sell RC-250 asphalt-only liquid tar tar ocher houses are imported direct exporters. Slow and fast cationic emulsion, pine, bleach, Kreso, sachets, imported ocher. ...

Ferreteria Irizarry Lumber Yard

Ferreteria Irizarry Lumber Yard  
# 195 Calle Francia Esq. Avenida Barbosa, Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00917 - Hato Rey Norte - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Decoraciones y Artesania Marroqui

Paintings and crafts, indoor and outdoor decoration with Arabic and European design. For both businesses, homes and hotels.
Barrio María Ángela - San Lorenzo - Central - Paraguay

C&M Brahma S.A.C.

C&M Brahma S.A.C. Sand blasting, shot blasting and industrial painting with epoxy paint, high solids, extensive experience in underground pipes, the Camisea project, mining and industrial steel structures.
Av. Los angeles mz. k lte 03 Parque industrial El asesor - Ate - Lima - Peru

Decoration and decorators in América Latina
Decoration and home accessories Decorating is an art that requires taste and good sense to combine objects, colors and textures in the environments perfectly. You...

Aspotel Soluciones Ltda

We are dedicated to providing room service, concierge and locative arrangement.
cra 15 a No 29 15 sur - Rafael Uribe Uribe - Bogotá - Colombia

Contratistas Generales Fanipza Color SAC

We are a company dedicated to providing our services prfesionales painted interior and exterior wood finishes, conventional and industrial paint finishes unique quality that characterizes us with over 13 years of experiewncia in different projects.
Av. Primavera Mz.A Lte. 4 Campoy S.J.L. - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ivan Angulo Montes

Lustrador de Muebles y Aberturas, Laqueador

Lustrador and laqueador of furniture and openings.
besares 3023bis curva de maroñas - Maroñas - Montevideo - Uruguay

Cubi-k SAC -
Company services and advice in architecture and civil engineering, turnkey projects, commercial architecture, general carpentry, interior design, decorations, rowing accusations, finishes, etc. Turnkey projects. ...

pinturas majestad

Peruvian company that is present in the world for but of 35 years. Innovating constantly in paintings, coatings and texturados, as well as: synthetic, anticorrosive enamels, baze zincromato, oils, enamel gloss, varnishes and sealants.
Av. Santa Anita - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru

Philamex SA de CV

Philamex SA de CV painting manufacturer for skin and plastic, skinner, saddler and hardware dealer are used in the branch.
Carlos Rousseau #205
Fracc. ind. el Milagro - Apodaca - Nuevo León - Mexico