Plant nurseries in Latin America

The company offers the customer all varidad grafted plants and patron, plus we also offer seeds.

Vivero Fortu

the company offers the customer all varidad grafted plants and patron, plus we also offer seeds.
Irrigacion la esperanza alta km5 pasando el grifo pierina - Huaral (centro) - Lima - Peru

Casa Jardin Vivero

Nursery selling plants indoors and outdoors. Design of parks and gardens.
Rocha s/n - Lascano - Rocha - Uruguay

Gardening services in América Latina
Serivicio of engineering in the sale heading installation repair in geomembrana of pvc, hdpe sale of geotextiles of all the weights, consultation, direct treatment We...

Petrasfos chile S.A.

Petrasfos Chile S.A. It has been installed in the country to meet the needs of perlite and vermiculite.
Excellent filter material, chemically inactive. Improved farming techniques, allowing optimum moisture and oxygenation. Insulation, highly fire resistant acoustic insulation. In construction: concrete for making false skies and light.
Camino Santa Teresa s/n Parcela 5 A lote 2 A-4 - Lampa - Santiago - Chile

Aborgan del Café

Company located in the heart of Colombia.
Producer and marketer of organic fertilizers.
Humus solid Californian worm.
Humus liquid earthworms California.
Compost from the rumen of cattle.
Flours rock.
Kilometro 01 vía Armenia Calarcá sector La Maria. - Quindío - Colombia

Mario Henry Sfarcich Ruiz

Tarija provincia cercado lugar Santa Ana - Cercado - Tarija - Bolivia

Gramas Artificiales Aferca 2010 -
Professionals in the sale, rental and installation of artificial grass, with the best quality and market price. If you want to give a different...

Products for agriculture in América Latina
Import and distribution of you enmesh of average shade, plastics greenhouses, and other consumptions for the agicultura...

Vivero La Peña

Nurseries The rock is a company registered in the register of suppliers in the state, has over five years experience in nurseries and gardening services, has all cultivated plants and ornamental species of all species, experiences nurseries coffee, fruit, ornamental and forest
Del Cacho de Novillo, 200 metros al Oeste, sobre carretera panamericana al Espino - Somoto - Madriz - Nicaragua

Guadua y Bambu Colombia

Dear user, please note that bamboo rods are sold from 3mt bamboo and / or 6mt and only in special orders loaded rods 8 mt.

Our equipment is:
1) properly selected according to specifications of the CAR on farms in the coffee.
1) cut in half the waning between 00 hours and 4:30 am,
2) vinegary for 25 to More...
Cra 97 # 23a-37 int 2 Apto 503, b// Cofradia. - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia
Rpte: Gustavo Teneche

Guadua Colombia

Our company offers natural green with preserved also bamboo or borax salts and chemical pentaborate or injection. Remember that bamboo is not equal nor suitable for building or crafts, as according to the process of cutting and drying immunized is a average duration.

Common natural bamboo : guadua overripe or gecha without any preserved or immunized, act to temporarily hold works, More...
Oficina Bogota, bodegas en calarca, la tebaida y cordoba quindio. - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia
Rpte: Gustavo Teneche

Agricultural products in América Latina
Wholesale natural casings ...

Vivero Zuinandi

Sale of ornamental and forest plants.
Parquizacion planting and services.
Ruta 8 y Ruta 12, km 117, 5, Minas, Lavalleja - Lavalleja - Uruguay


Enterprise in the category of worm which offers solid vermicompost, earthworms and soil for California gardens, orchards and nurseries.
Ruta 100, Durazno, Urugay - Durazno - Uruguay