Podiatrists in Latin America

Podiatric functional recovery center. foot pathologies treatments in children, adults diabetic foot specialist, foot risk and elderly templates and care products foot.


Podiatric Functional Recovery Center.
Foot pathologies treatments in children, ... More information ...
Sauces 9 Avda Isidro Ayora Cueva y Gabriel Gómez pasando el Sector de lavadoras de Autos 100 mts antes y diagonal a la Española de Carnes - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador
Rpte: Miguel Angel Silva Pdgo

Centro de Alta Podologia Clinica

Integral treatment of the foot. Gratuitous consultation.
Onicomicosis (nail ... More information ...

Orthopedics in América Latina
Preparation worn on measurement, Line corseteria and Supports Line rehabilitation and Physical Therapy And everything what needs for its rehabilitation...

Clinica Corpus - Claudia Podologa

Tratamento UNHAS encravadas, calosidades, ulcers, micoses, Kalos, rachaduras ... More information ...

Centro de Atención Al Pie. Podocenter

Podocenter. Foot Care Center, attended by podiatrist and ... More information ...
San Miguel - El Salvador
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Reflexo therapeutics in América Latina
Our company is focused on treating the spine through the biomechanics and the consequences it generates asimeteria to suffer pains causing sciatica, knee, elbow, head,...

Clinica Dermoquirurgica

Dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cutaneous oncology, Mohs surgery, reconstruction, ... More information ...

Electromiografia en Caracas - Qlyque.com
Medical unit dedicated to studies of electrocardiograms. ...

Physical therapy in América Latina
It offers physical therapy services, reespiratoria, occupational therapy. ...

Clínica del pie "Lian"

- Cauterization of definitive nail files.
- Extraction of ... More information ...

Podologos Luis Madrigal

Tx. PodologicosPie DiabeticoPie InfatilGeriatricoPlantillasCorte and difinitivo treatment in ... More information ...
Nuevo León - Mexico
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