Pre-fabricated houses in Latin America

We are suppliers of various jobs specialists in the manufacture of: campgrounds at all costs guardhouses buffers administrative office.


PREFABRICADOS PERU We are suppliers of various jobs

Specialists in the manufacture of:

Campgrounds at all costs



Administrative office

Accommodation of workers

Housing residents


Supply works

Jobs in Drywall

Sale of wood wholesale and retail with distribution to provinces

Formwork timber and emptied
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altura del km36.5 panamericana norte
paradero fundicion - Lima - Peru

Casas Prefabricadas FuturCasas

Casas Prefabricadas FuturCasas  
- Oliva - València - Spain

Construction companies in América Latina
We are a company with extensive experience in the field of construction, modern design 3 - D , with the technical and professional capacity of...

Construction finishes in América Latina
Installation work relizan false walls, sky reasonable drywall Installation of acoustic false ceiling Installation of tile roof shingle Installation of floating floor Installation of ceiling...

Art & Proyectos cs. Drywall

Av Los Pinos Mzna-C Lte-25 Cte-07 - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Ecoin Servicios Generales

- Puente Piedra - Lima - Peru

Prefaco S.A.

In Prefaco SA has over 20 years experience, prefaco dedicated to prefabricated housing construction in order to a form of safe, economical and quick construction systems.

Prefaco Simplex System, fha approved, ideal for building low-cost housing, and finishes with the shortest execution time across the country aseismic construction.

We have several designs available and build your home or expand the one with.
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Carpenter’s shops in América Latina
But very serious medium enterprises with the highest quality and serious responsabilidsd ...

Metallic constructions in América Latina
In engineering construction, projects, design and manufacture of metal constructions, metal carpentry and civil works. ...

Maquinarias Francobloq C.A.

Manufacture of machines laying block and general blacksmithing, cement mixers, wheelbarrows type turners.
Calle 1 (detras del hospital militar), Via El ujano. - Iribarren - Lara - Venezuela

Rivoira Construcciones

Projects and apartment buildings, cottages, resorts, anywhere in the country, from $ 5500 per m2 of construction.
Urquiza 845 - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Multiservis Navarro

general solution in power gasfiteria painting drywall and manufactured homes with reasonable sky
Jr. Santa Marta s/n - San Martín Occidente - Paita - Piura - Perú - Paita - Peru
Rpte: Leonello Navarro Socola

Building contractors in América Latina
Paragomas, concrete structures used to demarcate parking spaces, sale, installation and pintra. Road signage. ...

Drywall Construcciones

We dedicated ourselves to the construction, remodeling and extension in the system drywall and acoustic ceilings: tabiqueria, flat sky, departments in roofs, details generally.
UCV 179C lt 23 - Ate - Lima - Peru


Company general builder civil works, metallic constructions, maintenance of buildings, limpiesa of buildings, poryectos, first drafts and consultancy referred to the same branch.
av: nuevo plamar c/ 27 s/n. b/ 12 de octubre - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia