Private investigations in Latin America

Our company provides the services of all types of private investigation with more than 15 years of experience.

Empresa de Detectives Privados

Our company provides the services of all types ... More information ...

Seguridad Rabra

Company private investigations services, escort services and physical ... More information ...

Forensic science in América Latina
Inveatentos, agency of investigating experts, established from the year 2000 in the city of medell?n, focused to execute an ample range of services specialized in...

Detectives Club International

Experts in international private investigations: civil, commercial, industrial, ... More information ...
Valle del Cauca - Colombia
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Detectives Privados Coes - Tuxpan.

Detective specialized in:
* Detection infidelity.
* Detection of duplication ... More information ...

A.C.M. Detective Investigador Privado Puerto Rico

Civil and criminal investigations, free orientation, specializing in ... More information ...
Mayagüez - Puerto Rico
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Seguridad en los Estados Unidos -
Alarmas. Incendio deteccion electronica....

Surveillance and security services in América Latina
" VISEN" Limited liability company, is a Company that comes toiling in several public and deprived institutions in the scopes of the departments from Piura,...

JN investigations

All kinds of investigations
* Criminals
* Civil
* Feed penstion
* ... More information ...
Arecibo - Puerto Rico
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ACIP - Agencia Central de Investigaciones Privadas

Experts conducted follow-up surveillance
Clarify marital infidelities
Location of people
We ... More information ...

Legal experts in América Latina
DNA Paternity Laboratory, Special pathology: immunohistochemistry, histochemistry, DNA from human papillomavirus (HPV), Thin Prep Cytology and traditional (liquid cytology CT Thin Prep team, Hologic (The...

Detectives Las Secretas Mujeres

Personnel whose experience and can demonstrate seriousness in ... More information ...

Detective Privado

Research of all kinds throughout the country and ... More information ...