Products for agriculture in Latin America

Import and distribution of you enmesh of average shade, plastics greenhouses, and other consumptions for the agicultura.


Import and distribution of you enmesh of average shade, plastics greenhouses, and other consumptions for the agicultura
Los Laureles c/San Jose - San Lorenzo - Central - Paraguay

Sociedad Agrícola Tierra SAC

Sale of agricultural inputs.
Centro Poblado Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Mz G lote 13 - Salas - Ica - Peru

Agricultural products in América Latina
Syrups produced from corn. Composed of dextrose, maltose and polysaccharides, in varying proportions depending on the degree of conversion, grant their sweetness, texture and technological...

Bernardo Otero

14 Av. 19-50 Z.4, Mixco Condado El Naranjo,
Ofibodegas San Sebastián, Bodega N° 30 - Guatemala - Guatemala
Rpte: Bernardo Otero

Claudia Lopez Maniguari

Calle El Cedro Nº 72 Barrio 11 de Octubre Km. 2 Cobija - Pando - Bolivia - Nicolas Suarez - Pando - Bolivia


We are an import company of products for poultry and by inoculation, aging equipment, antibiotics and additives. Plastic boxes for the food industry, packaging. Semi-shade and antacid agricultural meshes. Cattle More...
Calle san Juan de Dios lote c-4 manzana 157B, Sumunpaya Colcapirhua. Altura km. 8.5 Av capitan Víctor Ustaritz - Quillacollo - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Fertilizers in América Latina
Organic fertilizers....

Nitrógeno Liquido Monteria

Nitrogen dewards for insemination in Monteria

We sell liquid nitrogen for insemination. Sale of new and used heaters. Repair thermos. Inputs for insemination. Straws of all cattle breeds
Calle 15 nro 8a 97 - Montería - Córdoba - Colombia

Riego Solution`s

In irrigation solution `s we dedicated ourselves to the installation of system of technified irrigation, improving its production and gains in its field.
jose pardo 191 - Chiclayo - Peru

Serkotecnicos construccion y servicios.

Rural construction sale and installation plants of water treatments. Preparation and installation large windows aluminum. Elctricas facilities joints stabilisations.
CURACAVI - Curacaví - Santiago - Chile

Seeds in América Latina
Cotton desfibracion and recovery of wastes fibers or weaves. Cotton gins. Cotton elaboration. Seeds....

Emcopartes, C.A.

Manufacture of agricultural implements for land preparation, plows, harrows, cultivators, graders, subsoiler, bladed rear spray tanks, machined parts and all types of metal structures.
Av. Florencio Jimenez, las Flores, sector Zaragoza, Galpon s/n Quibor Estado Lara (a 1 km del puente La Guardia) - Jiménez - Lara - Venezuela


It is a cooperative enterprise, which began operations in 1981, has a distribution network and sales nationwide.

Our main items are: the import and marketing of agricultural inputs and export of More...
Bo Arriba, 4ta. Ave, 1ra calle, Nor Este - Siguatepeque - Comayagua - Honduras