Psychiatrists in Latin America

Outpatient treatment program, run by professional psychologists with expertise in drug treatment.

Clinica de Dia Libbera

Outpatient treatment program, run by professional psychologists with expertise in drug treatment.
Calle Gozzoli Norte 422 - San Borja - Lima - Peru

Comunidad terapeutica Guayaquil

- spiritual therapies , psychological , psychiatric , experiential , family , recreational .
Samanes norte - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Psychotherapists in América Latina
Psychoanalytic psychotherapist ...

Unidad Medica

san bernardino - San Bernardino - Caracas - Venezuela

Fundacion Social Crean

Receive a warm greeting from the team create the social foundation , expert organization dedicated to developing prevention and intervention programs for children, youth and adults.
- Villavicencio - Meta - Colombia

Medico Especialista en Psiquiatría

Mental health
Calle 14 estre Av 1-2 Centro Médico Estético y Nutricional The Angels - Libertador - Mérida - Venezuela

Psychologists in América Latina
Virtual Solutions offers psychological assessment and treatment via the Internet, technology tools based on advanced information and communication that allow benefit a larger number of...

Espacio Psi Santa Cruz

We are an institution focused on facilitating access to mental health to all people.
Av. Piray s/n - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

De Nuevo a La Vida

"Addiction Treatment Center De nuevo a la Vida "

Diagnosis and Treatment Center professional in all kinds of addictions
"Back to Life"

A desicion-time can change your life and your family... call us!
La Molina - Lima - Peru

Comunidad Terapeutica CETDRO "Aprendiendo A Vivir

Treatment and rehabilitation of addict people to addict drugs or alcohol by means of therapies directed by specialized personnel and ex- groups of that with its experience we will manage More...
Psje. Pedro Ruiz no 118 - Pimentel - Chiclayo - Peru

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
We provide services for children and adults Equine discapasitados. ...

Clinicas Medicas -
Specialty care in orthopedics and traumatology joint surgery, arthroscopy and spine. ...

Carpe Diem - Mg. Carmen Rojas Boiza Unife

Early learning center & counseling to children, youth and adults.
Urb. Santo Domingo L-2B - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero - Arequipa - Peru

Fundación de Desarrollo Integral Somos Valor

Comprehensive development foundation for intervention in mental health, occupational health and safety as well as assistance and participatory training to children, adolescents, individuals and / or groups within the family More...
Caracas, Altamira. Altos Mirandinos, Carrizal.
- Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela