Psychiatrists in Latin America

Treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, crack, éxtacis, gambling, etc.

Clínica Dr. Mora

Treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, crack, éxtacis, gambling, etc.. We have two clinics one in the warm central Pacific Puntarenas
El Roble de Puntarenas, Hatillo Centro en San Jose. - Puntarenas - Costa Rica
Rpte: Dr. Alberto Mora Avila

Medico Especialista en Psiquiatría

Mental health
Calle 14 estre Av 1-2 Centro Médico Estético y Nutricional The Angels - Libertador - Mérida - Venezuela

Psychotherapists in América Latina
Flower Therapy with Bach essences, occupational therapy, stress, attention deficit, fears, traumas, alcohol, drugs, muscle aches, Astritis, pregnancies. ...

Psychologists in América Latina
Polyclinic at your fingertips. Premier campus at any time especially in times when the situation is difficult for you and your family. Let's address Our...

Comunidad terapeutica Guayaquil

- spiritual therapies , psychological , psychiatric , experiential , family , recreational .
Samanes norte - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Comunidad Terapéutica Cristiana "Luz y Salvación

Problems with drugs?

Forgotten people you love? feel you have lost control ?, consuming drugs and alcohol consumption impairs their relationship in family and work ?, believed to have hit bottom and need help ?, tried out but failed?

We will provide the support you need !!

No physical, moral or psychological abuse. Treatment of addictions, drugs, alcohol, snuff, games, misconduct. Medical, psychological, More...
Casa Huerta San Juan Bosco Mz F Lote 20-23 Santa Eulalia, altura del paradero Bata - Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Professional Center of treatment and integral rehabilitation for persons with problems of addictions (alcohol, drugs and ludopatia)....

Dra. Paz Quinteros Rosales

Child and adolescent psychiatrist, trained in University of Chile.
Clìnica El Loa Granaderos 2924 - Calama - Antofagasta - Chile

HL Consultores

HL Consultores Our mission is to optimize people promoting their talents, developing their plan of life in the personal, family, couple and organizational public or private.
Av. Velasco Astete 1961 dpto. 102 Urb. Las Gardenias. - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Clínica Psiquiátrica - Guatemala

Founded by Dr. Miranda in 1979, the psychiatric clinic continues its mission to work for the welfare and psychiatric and psychological needs of patients within and outside Guatemala.
3a. Calle 23-53 Z. 15 VH I
Edificio Real Victoria
Suite 103
Ciudad de Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
Rpte: Dr. Julio César Miranda García

Médicos en los Estados Unidos -
Consultorio médico especializado en nefrologia, medio interno, dialisis y trasplante renal....

Centro de Atención Psicológica (CEAP)

Centro de Atención Psicológica (CEAP) Nataly Ibarra - psychologist

- Pep talks
- Therapies family, business
- Supportive Therapies
- Couple Therapy
- Relaxation therapies
- Parent School
- Vocational guidance

Attention children, youth and adults
Calle Guayaquil y Belisario Quevedo (junto al Hotel Tilipulo)
Latacunga - Ecuador - Cotopaxi - Ecuador

Medico Psiquiatra

Atento, depressions, anxiety anxiety, fears, mental health certificate
valencia - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela